God's word in today's world

Sing and do say thank you

Ephesians 5:6-18

When we moved from the farm into town, I was not used to having people living so close to me. I didn’t realise how far sound could travel. I loved pushing my big hifi’s volume button far into the red. Later on my wife walked down the street to hear how far the sound really went. She came running back and said: “Do you know how far sound travels in town?” I didn’t really know and responded with: “Is that a trick question?” Not the right answer …

I like music, because it moves you. Music can brighten your day. Music can calm you down after rushing about. Take the singing before the start of a church service. People often rush into church with a lot of shouting and screaming and a beating heart. The music leader often starts with fast, upbeat music that fits people’s quick galloping, but then slows it down with a few songs until the worship song. And suddenly everybody is ready to receive the Word. All achieved through a few songs.

We should sing more. We should listen more to Christian songs, because  it brings you in tune with God. 19Sing hymns instead of drinking songs! Sing songs from your heart to Christ. While I work the internet radio is playing loudly. Contemporary Christian music is playing over the loudspeakers next to my screen all the time. It changes me and continuously moves me in the right direction.

But we must go further than just being moved by songs in honour of God and singing his praises. Our lives should also be aligned with God. I always say if I understand what God has done for me, I am so grateful I have to do good. It’s a way of thanking God for everything He did for us. Therefore, we must obey the instruction: 20Sing praises over everything, any excuse for a song to God the Father in the name of our Master, Jesus Christ.

And this is much more than words. Sincere gratitude becomes action. Acts of love that flow over with gratitude. Acts of love towards people who deserve it as little as you do. People who suffer like you do also need an act of gratitude. Corrie understands this:

My daughter and I have suffered a lot. But the LORD JESUS allows us to look around to see where others suffer and that we must pray for them and help where we can. That is the reason why we are here on earth – to be an extension of JESUS’ hands and feet. On Thursday evenings we participate in outreaches on the foreshore. We tell of the Way, the Truth and the Life. We pray for the people and hand out food and clothes. You know, last night we saw a man with no hands. Only two short thumbs. But that didn’t hold him back. I wish I could show you the beautiful sketches he does. I have both my hands and cannot even draw a stick figure. My daughter prayed for him and put a note in his little thumb. He was so happy that he immediately thanked JESUS.

With a very sad heart I sincerely thanked JESUS for what I have. And that man doesn’t even have a place to stay. He sleeps there on the beach …

So what do we do now?


How often do you sing?

Do others experience your gratitude?

Where can you make a difference?


Lord, You do so much. You do everything. I want to sing because I’m grateful. I want to do something because I’m grateful. Show me how. Show me where. Give me the will to sing and do. Amen

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