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Push against the wind

My friend from Durbanville calls me up. He is talking to a friend and they are wondering why Christians have to struggle so. Yes, they have enough to eat and drink and they are grateful for that, but sometimes it seems as if life is simply too hard. You struggle to keep everything going. So, now they are calling to find out what I think.

The words spilled out of my mouth, one after the other, because you see, I have loads of experience and many examples of hardship. Waves that come rolling towards me, on and on. I remember saying: “We Christians don’t get the inside lane. On the contrary!”

Just the next morning I was studying this next verse (every time I’m amazed by God’s timing!): 12Run hard and fast in the faith. The biggest mistake a young convert can make is to think that he can sit back, because that’s exactly when temptations and challenges start appearing.

No, you need to realise that the day you decided to move over to Jesus’ camp was the day you became a tall tree. And just watch the tips of those tall trees. The wind blows hard up there and it’s a struggle to keep upright.

When you’re a child of God, the devil will target you all the time and he wants to fight. He and his cronies want to tempt you away from God’s way. You are part of the opposition and, therefore, you can expect attacks. Many attacks. They are plotting around every corner to get to you and to mislead you.

He plants a small seed of a dream in your head of making it big one day, which in itself is not wrong, but if you don’t do it with the Lord, you lose balance and maybe your family and you start stepping on others to get to the top.

It’s an ongoing fight and one must remain on the lookout. You must ready yourself against the attacks. It will definitely not be moonshine and roses. There will be days, weeks and sometimes months of struggling. Therefore, this proposal:

12… Seize the eternal life, the life you were called to, the life you so fervently embraced in the presence of so many witnesses.

Do you hear? This is not small talk. This isn’t a game. It’s the real truth. Evil is walking around like a roaring lion. Make space in your life for the Holy Spirit, because He will warn you when attacks are coming.

The Holy Spirit will take your hand and push with you through the hardship. Evil will not overcome you. Do your part and push against the wind. With the Spirit beside you, you will not fall over.

1 Timothy 6:11-12

Where is your wind coming from?
Do you struggle to remain upright?
Where do you have to get reinforcements?

Father, it’s not easy. Sometimes I feel like giving up. Sometimes the winds feel much too strong. Please help me to keep upright. Please help me help others keep upright. Amen.

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