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Proud of you!

I received the following email from Dawid:

In 2014, we really struggled financially and I couldn’t even give my wife flowers or a card for our 45th anniversary!

Under a peach tree in the garden I found a yellow autumn leaf and wrote the following message on it: “I love you!” with that day’s date.

I saw something in her eyes that no bunch of flowers ever produced!

She still keeps that leaf as a bookmark in her Bible!

This story of Dawid meant so much to me. A small gesture, but it had enormous impact.

The small things we do can have a huge impact.

I don’t know why we think that if we’re called to do God’s work, we must sell all we have and struggle through Africa in a broken down combi to work as a missionary under a big tree.

Yes, God calls some people to pull up their roots and go somewhere else for missionary work. But He calls most of us to make a difference there where we live, work and play. In the small things.

A smile here. A helping hand there. Taking food to someone that is ill. Leaving a bread, jam or cheese at someone’s front door without anybody seeing. Or maybe time. Time for your spouse, child or family member or for the one sitting alone waiting for someone to come and visit.

By doing this, you are working in God’s New World and his Name is glorified.

15Concentrate on doing your best for God, work you won’t be ashamed of, laying out the truth plain and simple.

What we do, the way we live, makes it easy for us to take God’s Word to the world, or not. It’s no use trampling people at work and then wanting to tell them about God’s love. It doesn’t work like that. People will simply not believe us.

People want to see Jesus’ love in our lives. We must first show them, show them with our actions. They must first experience Jesus’ love personally before they will listen to our words.

That’s why we have this challenge today. Live in a way that will make God proud of whatever you do. At work, where the pressure builds up. At home, where things don’t always go so well either. With your friends where the boundaries are often tested.

May others long for God because you do what He wants in the big things, but also in the smaller things.

2 Tim 2:14-18

What do your actions look like?
Do others want to get to know Jesus?
Is God proud of you?

Father, I know I can do much more, but it’s hard. I’m asking your Spirit to help me. Amen.

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