God's word in today's world

Problem? Pray for faith.

We know by now that Paul and the others suffered a lot while they were spreading the news about Jesus Christ for the first time. They didn’t have it easy at all, but they prayed to God for help. And God helped them by strengthening their faith: 2We had just been given rough treatment in Philippi, as you know, but that didn’t slow us down. We were sure of ourselves in God, and went right ahead and said our piece, presenting God’s Message to you, defiant of the opposition.

God helped them by strengthening their faith and not by taking away their circumstances. How many times have we not prayed to God to take away or improve the cup of circumstances in which we find ourselves?

Paul didn’t ask for that, because his insight and wisdom took him in another direction and he knew that God would deal with it in his way, in such a way that everybody will benefit. And what happened as a result thereof? They were no longer afraid.

With strong faith, Paul and his companions could see past the problem. The problem didn’t go away, but they believed that the problem would not get the better of them. God gives you insight and wisdom to understand the obstacle that obstructs your way and this helps you to deal with it accordingly.

Sometimes the obstruction we see is so enormous that we believe we’ll never overcome it. This causes so much stress that everything becomes too much. As a result, all our relationships suffer and even our marriage suffers in such times. That is exactly what the devil wants.

In times like these we have to pray to God. Don’t ask God to remove the obstruction, but rather ask God to strengthen your faith. Ask God to give you wisdom and insight into the problem and how He wants you to deal with it. Ask God to show you how He will use the problem to build you up and how the problem will also help you to grow. With this understanding, it will be easier and quicker for you to deal with the problem. Then you won’t be afraid to get up and live life to the fullest.

But things won’t simply get easier and better. And that is why people often get discouraged and can’t face getting up in the morning. Even Paul says that after God had strengthened their faith and they understood everything, it was still difficult for them and that they still suffered. So, even if God had strengthened your faith and even if you understand the purpose of your suffering, things don’t simply get better immediately. No, you still suffer. You might just better understand the reasons behind it all!

Pray now for God to strengthen your faith. He will do it!

Also pray to God to give you wisdom and insight. He will do it!

Also pray for God to be with you in your suffering. He will do it!


1 Thessalonians 2:1-4


Does prayer still work today?

Does God still hear our prayers?

What do you have to pray for now?


Father, make my faith grow strong so that hardship will not get the better of me. Please help me like You helped Paul and his companions. Amen.

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