God's word in today's world

Pressing on through suffering

Sometimes life simply is too much. Sometimes life thrusts you to tears. Maybe it is finances that press. Maybe it is your spouse who stands in your way. Maybe it is a relationship that keeps on failing. Maybe you are so tired of struggling with life that you cry Upwards and get no reaction even from there.

During these times somebody definitely must not give you a verse or a few nice words to put ointment on your huge wound or crisis. O please, can’t life show me its beautiful side for a change?

Maybe now is the time to pull out of the race and have a good look from the pavilion – at yourself, your stuff and your way of living. (Get a clean sheet of paper)

        Write down where you find yourself now.

        Name the people who you deal with every day.

        Make a list of the beautiful people and the things in your life.

        Make a list of people and things that upset you.

Draw a picture of your world and put each of the above somewhere on it.

Where doe s God fit into your picture? Put Him there.

How do you feel about your picture?

Do you have to attempt a few things differently?

I suspect we all need help. Maybe you can do what I do and go to a friend. We don’t have all the answers ourselves. We are so trapped by our situation that we cannot see through the door in front of us. We cannot grasp the answers which lie just around the corner. It is within our reach, but yet so impossibly far.

Ask God to provide the right person to take your hand and help you find the answer. He will do it.

I know it is a struggle, because I also suffer, and I also lecture myself. Therefore I want to encourage you (and myself) a little; we need it: 5which is manifest evidence of the righteous judgment of God, that you may be counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you also suffer

Take note what the verse does NOT say. It does not say that difficult times will vanish into nowhere. It does not say that easy times lie ahead. No, it implies that there will be not so easy times. This is reality. We simply should not allow it to overcome us. We should not allow circumstances to control our minds.

We have to survive, because the crashing waves are proof that we are doing the right thing. We should actually ask questions if suffering regularly passes us by.

Therefore – lift your head. Grab the day. Have a bounce in your step. Carpe Diem, because God is with you. Know there will be a way out around the corner. Know that God is busy with your picture and He will help you find His path for your life.


2 Thessalonians 1:3-6

To ponder about

How do you feel about your picture?

Do you have to do a few things differently?


Lord, I am suffering and I feel discouraged. I don’t know where to start. I really need Your help. Amen.

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