God's word in today's world

Prayer – even on the golf course

Ephesians 6:10-20

Today I can witness that the Lord answers prayer! Not just once, but many times we’ve seen and experienced the results.

My friend’s daughter became pregnant and went for her first scan. The doctors could see two “bags” but only one foetus. They thought the second simply had not developed. Two weeks later at the next scan there were really two little people on the way. And the one basically two weeks “older” than the other one.

My friend’s granddaughters were born in December. They arrived a little bit faster than they should have, because the real date was in February. The bigger of the two weighed just under a kilo, while her little sister was only 820 grams. Things didn’t go well for this little one. Her weight dropped to 735 grams. Right from the start we became part of a prayer action and can once again witness that the Lord has listened to his children’s prayers. The bigger one has been home for a week and little sister now weighs one whole kilo! How great is our Father’s mercy and love!

Prayer in faith works! And now and then we should remember to say thank you too!

We can give thousands of similar testimonies that prayer does work. Testimonies of a God who listens and answers prayer. Paul also believed this wholeheartedly: 19Pray that I’ll know what to say and have the courage to say it at the right time, telling the mystery to one and all …

We can ask God anything. We must pray for one another, because it works. Yes, especially when we are afraid. Afraid of people. Afraid of what people will do to us if we talk about God. We must pray, even when circumstances aren’t looking good and even if the news is bad.

Even on the golf course!

Frans went to school with me – this is actually his story!

After moving around a lot Frans brought everything, EVERYTHING, to God and found peace!

He was playing golf with three other men. All four knew that one of them had admitted straight out that he did not believe in God. He was an atheist.

One Wednesday afternoon this unbeliever arrived at the golf course, fairly down in the dumps! As the game progressed the others found out that his doctor had told him that morning that he had cancer and that he had to go for tests and decisions about his treatment the next day.

Hearing this news Frans asked the atheist whether he would mind them praying for him. With his permission the three men formed a circle around the atheist and they prayed for him – right there on the green! He had nothing to lose.

Friday the atheist phoned Frans and said that he didn’t know whether Frans’ God had listened to him, but the specialists could find no trace of cancer in his body. Needless to say, Frans went to him immediately to say THANK YOU!

I don’t know where that atheist is today, but that God exists? Definitely! And He definitely listens to us!


Do you believe in prayer?

Do you pray?

Do you pray for others?


Lord, I pray too little! I believe in prayer too little. I pray for others too little. I want to pray more. I know You listen to every prayer. Amen

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