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Prayer changes you

Summer mornings in the Western Cape are so refreshing. Early in the morning there is no traffic noise, no noisy people. The birds sing and jump from branch to branch and the turtledoves coo high up in the trees. My wife and I sit silently to pray and l am overcome with emotion.

Gratitude flows from my inner being and I cannot stop thanking God for my life, for protection, for my wife and our children. I thank God for all the beautiful things in his creation. I thank Him for trusting us to work in his world.

And as I pray, I realise that God knows what goes on in my life at all times, that He is always with me, and that everything I have and also what I am, comes from Him. My words of gratitude run out and we simply sit there in complete amazement before the greatest God who cannot but reach out to his children.

Wow, when I get up, I’m different from when I had sat down. And that is exactly what prayer does. People are changed. Yes, God knows what we are going to say and what we are going to ask for. But it is still important that we pray, because we are changed.

You see, what happens during prayer is that in a way I move away from my world and become aware of God’s world. I am overcome by the greatness of God’s creation and at the same time, see my own insignificance.

5God’s Word and our prayers make every item in creation holy.

In prayer I realise that God is almighty, even if it doesn’t feel like that. Even though the world looks like it does – messed by the people who make such a mess. But when I kneel before God, He helps me look at the world through his eyes.

Then I can rest and calm down. God has made everything and will not allow mankind to be destroyed.

This beautiful hymn by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette helps us pray:

Creator God, you made the earth,
A gift beyond comparing!
You called it good, you gave it worth,
You placed it in our caring.

You gave your gift of Sabbath rest,
Your pattern for creation.
You give us times to heal, to bless,
To join in celebration.

You give us Christ, who reconciled
The things of earth and heaven.
In him, you call each one your child!
What wondrous love you’ve given!

Because we’ve turned away from you,
Your world still needs your healing.
Creation longs to be made new
Through Christ, your love revealing.

God, by your Spirit, may we be
Communities of caring,
That as we’re healed, your world may see
The hope that we are sharing.

May you be quiet and allow God to work with you when you kneel before Him.


1 Timothy 4:1-5

Think about this

Do you pray?
Do you pray enough?
Does prayer change you?


Lord, You are holy and everything that you’ve made is good. Please forgive us when we stray from what You have intended for humankind. Bring us back to your original idea of faith in Jesus Christ, and help us express our faith purely and with thanks. Amen.

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