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Pray for one another

I believe in prayer. It was my mom spending so much time on her knees praying for her children that prevented us from losing the way big time. Only my mom’s prayers protected us.

Paul also believes in prayer and that is why he asks the other Christians in Colossae: 3Don’t forget to pray for us, that God will open doors for telling the mystery of Christ …

We have to pray for one another, because when we do, God not only hears our own wishes and desires, and we ourselves hear how we pray for others. The world has changes and many people live only for themselves. Praying for others helps us focus on others again.

See what Paul is asking them to pray for. Nothing personal. If I was in Paul’s shoes, I suspect I would have asked them to first pray for my release from prison or better food or something. But Paul prays for the work in God’s Kingdom. Paul never puts himself first in line with his prayer requests.

This is so different from our prayers.

We shouldn’t be at the centre of our prayers – with our shopping list wanting things to satisfy our own needs. Yes, we may tell God what we need, but this shouldn’t dominate our prayers. God and others should be the focus of our prayers.

We must also pray for God’s Kingdom. So many people need God. So many who struggle. So many people on their way to everlasting hell. We must intercede for them. We must ask God to let his Spirit work to create opportunities for us to show them God’s love.

Sometimes people hurt so much that they can’t even pray. Sometimes people are too far from God or too confused to pray. In times like that friends support one another and pray for them and turn to God on their behalf. God understands it and God listens to the prayers of the faithful.

When praying for doors to open, I always ask the Lord to show me or others which one to open. This is a little bit different from asking God to open the doors. When I pray for God to show me which door to open, it remains my responsibility to open the door. Sometimes we become passive and think it’s God’s work to do all the work. We must do what is possible and leave the impossible to God.

Let’s pray for one another. Let’s pray that God will show us which doors to open. Let’s pray together to work in God’s Kingdom and may we make a big difference in many people’s lives.


Colossians 4:2-6


Who do you have to pray for?

How can you help them?

When do you have to help them?


Father, my prayers can be so self-centred. I forget to intercede for others who may be struggling. Father, I want to learn to pray that your will be done here on earth – in people’s hearts, in their homes and in their relationships, so that your Name may be glorified. Amen.

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