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Pray for a miracle

When we’re sick, we must go to God. We must believe and know and trust. God is known for being an involved God. He hears our prayers and if it is within His will, He will respond to our prayers, even if this is different from what we expected.

Tiaan’s story touched me deeply:

Hello Gerjo Ben

At the moment I’m sick as a dog, but as you say, I believe in miracles, big and small. And today I believe God is going to do just one small thing and heal me.

God still does miracles today. Often, we are too blind to see them.

A year ago, my wife fell pregnant and for us it was something we were looking forward to. On 16 July she called me at work and said “She’s gone”. I rushed home and immediately took her to the hospital.

They took her away and I was not allowed to enter the ward. I sat there for almost four hours, with no news. I asked so many times what was going on and they just said they didn’t know or couldn’t say.

I cried until I had no tears left, and prayed, “Why, Lord?”. Why did You give us something and then just took it away?

As I sat there in the corridors and prayed, I asked God for a miracle. My wife had already said at home that she was gone, but I continued to pray and believed that God would do a miracle.

When she finally came out, I knew. I could see the disappointment and hurt in her eyes.

We had to go back three days later for a checkup and to find out what exactly had gone wrong.

And we found out she was six weeks pregnant … How? You can’t get pregnant while you’re pregnant, unless God has done a miracle!

The doctor was amazed. Mia was almost six months old when we lost her and the doctor said that when my wife miscarried her, she should have miscarried the other one too, but God made a miracle happen that night.

Little Mikaela is seven weeks old this week and she is a gift from God. That’s what her name means. We give all the glory to God for such a miracle.

Never give up hope and trust in the Lord, even in the dark times, as He is there for you.

Never give up. When you’re ill, when you need a miracle, go to God: 14Are you sick? Call the church leaders together to pray and anoint you with oil in the name of the Master.

James 5:13-20

What challenge are you facing?
Do you trust God with it?
Do you still believe in miracles?

Father, You know me. You know my challenges and You know what I need. I come to put everything in Your hands now. I trust. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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