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Practise for serving and service

We often allow ourselves to become side-tracked. We get caught up in stories and issues that have nothing to do with our salvation. We waste out energy on issues that have no solution. Worst of all is that at the end of the day, we have no strength or time left to get where we need to be. As Jesus said in Matthew 22:37: “Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.”

You see, this love is not just about the head, in other words, a conscious decision to love. This love flows from the heart too. It’s an emotion you cannot stop. But it’s more than in your heart, it fills your soul too. Your whole being must overflow with love for God. Is it possible for is not to? God has done so much for us. He came to save us from the logical consequences of continuous and unconfessed sin.

When we fully realise what God has done for us through Jesus on the cross, we cannot do anything but let our whole being overflow with love. There is no space for talks and word games. There is even less space to be served, but rather to serve. You want to serve God. Instead of barking against the wrong tree, 7you’ll be a good servant of Jesus.

Serve God with your mind. Serve God with your soul. Serve God with your heart. If you can do that, the world will look different. But it is not easy. We’re programmed differently. We want to do our best, but before we know it, we’re on the wrong side of what we actually want to do.

Yes, we will trip and sometimes fall, but we must get up and try again to serve with success the next time. We must: 7Exercise daily in God.

We all know exercise is not that enjoyable. Not all of us find it easy to do. The other day, I gave a lift to a friend of my son’s. He is a talented sportsman and practises hard. I told him about my jogging. (My pal calls it my shuffle, because he says I can’t even call it jogging, since I walk faster than I run.)

I told my son’s friend that I really don’t like jogging. It feels like driving an old bakkie on a corrugated road. Everything rattles and feel as if it going to fall apart. He gave me some true advice: ”Just keep going, it gets easier. Eventually, it just comes naturally.”

Great advice from a young man.

And that is what we must do to serve God with everything in us. But where do you start practising to serve God? Right there at home, with the people closest to you. Instead of asking all the time, give. Give without expecting something in return. Give love. Give forgiveness. Give time. Care. Give like God would have. Others will see God in what you do.

Practise every day to serve God. Keep on looking everywhere for places where you can serve others. If you fall, get back up. It’s part of practising. As long as you serve wherever you go.


1 Timothy 4:6-16

Think about this

Do you serve God?
Do you serve others?
Will you practise to serve more?


Lord, I have sometimes wasted my time on useless arguments and issues. Please help me to rather use my time to do good to others, so that they can experience you presence here on earth. Amen.

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