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Plugged in and charged up for Christ

On our own we can’t do much for Jesus. We are too weak to do that. We could probably start off doing something, but if the Spirit doesn’t help us, our fuel will run out quickly and we’ll make a mess of everything.

Even Paul said that without the power of Jesus in him he would not be able to do much: 4 You who have been demanding proof that Christ speaks through me will get more than you bargained for. You’ll get the full force of Christ, don’t think you won’t. He was sheer weakness and humiliation when he was killed on the cross, but oh, he’s alive now—in the mighty power of God! We weren’t much to look at, either, when we were humiliated among you, but when we deal with you this next time, we’ll be alive in Christ, strengthened by God.

One can’t even imagine the enormous amount of power that is in Jesus. Jesus healed people. Jesus made the lame walk, the blind see and the deaf hear. Jesus took a few pieces of bread and a couple of fishes and increased the bread and the fishes so much that thousands could eat their fill.

There is a wonderful, mighty power in Jesus. This power is so great that it pulled Him from the grave. God’s power is more powerful than all the powers of the grave. I can’t really understand this, but I do know that it is much stronger than any machine or power ever made by man.

Exactly this same power is in Paul. He actually prepared the people in Corinth for it. They had to know that when he visited them for the third time great things would be happening. People would be so surprised by the powerful deeds, which would be sensational. Everybody will talk about it. The newspapers would be full of it.

This sounds a bit like bragging. But Paul was deadly honest, because he knew he could not do anything on his own. Nothing would have happened. People would have laughed at him. But he knew what would happen when the power of Jesus worked through him. That was a completely different story. When His power started up, great things happened. Then people were healed. Then people were stopped in their tracks and saw the dirt inside themselves. The roughest persons were stopped in their tracks and became as soft as lambs. Even devils shook, became afraid and fled. All because the power of Jesus worked through Paul.

When I look at my own life and I ask myself what the power looks like that shines from my actions. I must look hard to see even a few actions. I struggle.

I must admit that my actions do not always reflect the power of Jesus. Yes, I want to do good things and I want to help others, but I realize that I do not always succeed; firstly, because I do not believe that His power can work through me. Also, I do not always make space for Jesus’ power and try to do things by my own power. Then the things I’m trying to do fail and do not really have an impact in the world.

We have to do something about this. Firstly, we have to know and have to believe wholeheartedly that God wants to work through us with His great power. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter where you come from, God wants to use you. However, we must also realize that we cannot achieve anything on our own. Our power is simply too little and too weak for that. Therefore, we have to make space for God’s power to work through us. We must charge our batteries with God so that when we walk out into the dark world, we will have enough power to shine. Not a weak flashlight, but a powerful spotlight.

May you realize that God wants to use you powerfully wherever you go. May you sit quietly at the feet of God and allow Him to charge your batteries and may you then be a light that shines in the world. May people be changed because God is working through you.


2 Corinthians 13:1-10


Do you believe that you cannot do much on your own?

Do you believe that God can work through you with His power?

Can other see God’s power working through you?


Father, I believe that You can work through me with your power. But when I look around me, I do not always see your power in my actions. Please help me, Lord, to make more space for your power to work through me. Let me become weak so that your power can work through me. Amen

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