God's word in today's world

Please pray for me

Paul was an ordinary man. He was scared. He was tempted and had to fight hard not to give in. Sometimes he became discouraged and he certainly must’ve asked himself whether it was all worth it. Sometimes it must’ve seemed to him that it was not worth it and then he was on the brink of giving up. Sometimes the physical pain he suffered in jail became too much and he was on the verge of letting the cock crow three times.

He was aware of his shortcomings, and that is why he came right out and asked his readers: 25Friends, keep up your prayers for us. Paul knew only one thing could counteract the strong winds that the high trees had to withstand and that is prayer. Paul wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of asking others to pray for him if he didn’t believe whole-heartedly that prayer worked.

This is also true for ministers and pastors and spiritual leaders. They cannot remain upright on their own. Because they work full-time for the Lord, the devil zooms in on them. If he can bring them to a fall, many fall with them. Leaders have such a big responsibility to ensure that they understand and convey God’s Word correctly to others.

For sure they need prayer.

Just like Paul, I believe in prayer too, because if it wasn’t for prayer I would’ve lost the plot long ago.

Every Christian, including you, needs heaps of prayer to remain standing. The storm winds blow and the temptations call out loudly.

I get goosebumps. I feel the need to pray for people. I send out an e-mail with a prayer and this is how Betty (not her real name) responds:

If you could realise what hell I’m going through at the moment, you would know how much this means to me.

I really need this.

Wanted to end my life today.

We all need prayer. May you make a difference wherever you go and pray for all you meet today.


1 Thessalonians 5:23-28


Do you really believe in prayer?

Who prays for you?

Whom do you pray for?


Lord, please help me pray. Amen.

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