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Pictures from the heart

People don’t always realise that the way they act reflects what is going on inside their hearts. Your actions are linked directly to your heart. You act the way your heart tells you to. True, people often act in the right way because their head tells them it’s the right thing to do. But sometimes, especially when emotions are involved, people act from the heart. Sometimes it’s a nice picture, sometimes not so nice.

I was working in the storeroom that also serves as our studio for making recordings for radio and was struggling to get the recordings done. I repeatedly tripped over the same word. To make things worse, the rest of the house was not quiet at all and the recording picked up each and every sound. Eventually, I had enough and stormed out.

I suspect that picture did not convey a very nice message.

Every time we act in a certain way towards a loved one, a friend, a colleague, even a stranger, we are opening our hearts and without words, we are telling a certain story.

What do the stories that you are telling with your heart and actions look like?

This is the instruction: 6You received Christ Jesus, the Master; now live him.

When you and I love Jesus, when we belong to Him, He becomes part of us. He lives in us and in our hearts as well. Through the window of our actions, others should then be able to see the picture of Jesus in our hearts. The way we live will paint the picture. Our actions show what is happening in our hearts. People see Jesus (in our hearts) by the lovely way we act towards them.

Let me show you a lovely picture. I’ve told you about the retired school principal who was asked to help with eight children who lived at the dumping site outside a small coastal town. His plan was to help the children by teaching them to fish. donations helped equip each child. Five of the children returned to school. This si what happened further:

“Last Friday we were fishing in the Goukou in the rain, it was cold – if I had been on my own, I would’ve gone home. But the five children from Melkhoutfontein only wanted to fish, drink some of the good coffee and be cold, so we kept going …

Eventually it cleared up a little. I handed the kids their warm vetkoek with meat and was amazed how happy they were with the little I could give them.

That’s when the Lord comes sitting next to me and I feel up to many more such days.”

What a lovely picture.

An ordinary, simple story, but the heart picture that we see is of  someone who acknowledges and accepts Jesus Christ as Lord. And acts that way. A lovely picture. A nice picture. A picture that the world out there desperately needs.

The logical question we have to ask ourselves is whether our actions show a picture like that? We know Jesus. We believe in Him. He lives in our hearts.

What does the picture of your heart looks like through the window of your actions?




What does the picture of your heart looks like through the window of your actions?

Do people see Jesus living there?

What should you start doing differently?


Jesus, You are part of me. I believe in You with my whole heart. Please help me get my actions in line with what I believe. Please help me that others can see You in my actions. Amen.

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