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Pick me! Pick me!

I wonder if we always know how lucky we are. No, ‘lucky’ is too light a word to describe this. Let’s give it some real weight. I don’t know if we always realise how much grace is poured over us every day. The fact that we have the privilege and ability to believe – that is a huge miracle.

It could’ve been very different. Just think of the many people in the world who do not get that chance to make the choice. It is heartbreaking. Yes, it breaks my heart when I think that some people will never get the chance to choose Jesus. Simply because they never get to hear the good news. Then I’m even more grateful for those few people who are prepared to leave everything behind to go and proclaim Jesus’ love in faraway places. Thank goodness for them!

We receive so much grace. We are showered with God’s love. We receive the message of salvation on our screens, in church, among our friends, in our families, and in our hearts.

However, you are not where you are by accident. You did not trip over a log in the bush, tripping into finding faith in God. No, you are special. You are hand-picked. You were chosen from millions to share in God’s grace.

That is what Paul said as well: 13Meanwhile, we’ve got our hands full continually thanking God for you, our good friends—so loved by God! God picked you out as his from the very start.

Do you remember Donkey in the Shrek movie jumping up and down, shouting: Pick me! Pick me! Well, you don’t have to shout, because you’ve been picked already. Grace has been showered on you and you’ve been chosen specially to believe in God.

Stop! Wait! Say it out loud; make it part of your being: God thought I’m so special that He hand-picked me to believe in Him.

Wow! The almighty God singled me out. Yes, I know it doesn’t always feel like it and I know we don’t always live like it, but then maybe it’s time to make this special calling from God part of us. We must start living it, because there are people out there who’ve also been called, but don’t know it – and this is important – because some of us don’t live our calling.


Too bad we don’t always realise that. We think we chose God. We think we came to the church through our parents or gave our hearts to the Lord at a camp or gathering.

We have to choose for or against God – every person has to make that choice herself or himself. But it is not a coincidence that you grew up in church with your parents. It’s even less of a coincidence that you actually attended that camp, event or gathering. Because it was part of God’s plan.

God has a plan. He knew about you before you were born. You were called specifically to believe in Him, because that is what He wanted.

Go and live like that in the world. So many need to hear and see that they’ve also been chosen to believe in God. Maybe they’re waiting just for you!

Go and live like a specially chosen child of God and know that you never need to shout like Donkey: Pick me! Pick me, because your loving Father has already picked you!


2 Thessalonians 2:13-17


Do you believe that God has chosen you specifically?

Do you live it?


Father, thank you for choosing me to believe in You and that I can be your child. I do not deserve it, but that is what grace is. Please help me to answer your love with obedience. Amen.

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