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Perfect devotion

You often need a partner to help you finish a task.

When I was restoring my 4×4 trailer, I could do most of the work on my own. But sometimes I needed an extra pair of hands. When I had to tighten a bolt and nut in the middle of the body, I could go underneath the body to tighten the nut, but I couldn’t at the same time hold onto the bolt on the upper side to keep it from turning. Then I had to drag one of the kids from the couch to come and help under protest.

I was able to finish the work, but the struggle to find a helper was not always easy.

On Saturdays, I did have a man coming to help me. What a pleasure to work with him! He knew exactly which spanner to use where. He could measure and help me fit parts together. There was no hesitation. We worked. We were a team. When one needed help, the other one was there without having to ask.

It was good working as a team.

God and Jesus are a wonderful team.  The Passion Translation describes it as perfect devotion: 7During Christ’s days on earth he pleaded with God, praying with passion and with tearful agony that God would spare him from death.  And because of his perfect devotion his prayer was answered and he was delivered.

When there was a vacancy for Saviour of the world, Jesus immediately put up his hand and said He was prepared to do it. He strengthened God’s team. Together they were a formidable team, achieving so much. When Jesus and God work together, there is no stopping them. Even death couldn’t stop them.

Jesus was perfectly devoted and did exactly what God expected of Him. Both parties benefited from this perfect devotion partnership. When Jesus came to God with this very serious request for God to save Him from death, there was no option not to do it. God helped Jesus and was with Him every moment of this hard road.

We have to be perfectly devoted to God too. Yes, we have to put up our hands for the many vacancies to help God here on earth. There is a huge amount of work to do for God. When we are devoted to God to work with Him, we receive strength and can do much more than what we can do on our own.

Being devoted to God and working with Him is not optional for his children. We are obligated to do it. But it’s not bad. We get so much joy from working with God and giving back from gratitude for all that we receive.

And receiving doesn’t end for us, because just like God helped Jesus, if we are devoted to Him, He will help and save us, because we obey his instructions.

Always remember this.

Hebrews 5:7-10

Are you devoted to God?
What do you have to do?
Is God doing his part?

Father, because I am so grateful to You, I am devoted to You. Please help me, Lord, to work more and more for You and make a difference wherever I go. Thank you that I can know that You will be there with me and that You hear all of my prayers. In Jesus’ Name, amen.


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