God's word in today's world

Peace beyond the noise

Life is not easy.

It’s rushing from one day to the other. Now it’s Sunday evening and we all have a hollow feeling in our stomachs thinking of the week ahead and before we know it, we receive strange pictures of little monsters announcing the weekend.

Time flies by.

It’s all a rush. No time for ourselves. And one day something happens that forces us to a stop and we look at ourselves in the mirror. And in a way we no longer know the person looking back at us. The world has transformed that person. He or she has become a person who strives for different things and dreams than those we dreamt as children.

Something is missing, we realise, and after searching for a long time we see that we are no longer satisfied with what we have received. We want more. We want what the others have, so we have to put in even more time and energy. We work even harder and in a way what is missing grows and grows.

Without us realising it, God becomes less of a factor in our lives and our lives and direction become determined by what we are striving for. The sum total of all of this is that we are no longer happy. We keep feeling restless and the big hole of missing keeps on growing and discontent flattens us.

We become like a dog chasing it’s own tail. We miss peace inside us and therefore we chase after the things of the world. If I could only have a better job. If I could only have a bigger salary. If I could only buy a bigger car. If I could only live in a better area – then I would have peace. Then what is chasing me will stop. Then I will not search anymore. Then I would have arrived.

That is the biggest lie that most of us unconsciously believe and even if all our worldly dreams come true, our feeling of discontent remains.

We as humans are programmed from before our birth to long for God. It’s part of our DNA. The creation keeps on longing for the Creator. Here with our Creator we find real peace. Here we can sit back on the couch contentedly and know we are where we should be.

There is only one place where we can find real peace and that is with God. The rest is simply noise. Yes, the rest is definitely simply noise. It is chasing after the wind and the result is discontent.

Do you want to experience peace? Do you want to be satisfied with what you have again? Do you want to be peaceful again and see things in perspective? Do you want to be filled with the peace that surpasses human understanding?

Then it is time to come to a stop, to make time to get to God. Make an appointment and get out of the rat race. Turn to God, be quiet and receive his blessing: 2… the grace and peace that comes from God our Father and our Master, Jesus Christ.

Peace that comes from God alone. May you long and strive for it.

Bible Reading

Philippians 1:1-2


What are you striving for?

Are you experiencing God’s peace?

Do you make enough time for God?


Father, please give us your peace. The peace that the world cannot give us. Amen

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