God's word in today's world

Peace amongst the storms

Philippians 4:1-9

The first sentence in Scott Peck’s book, The Road less Traveled, is: Life is difficult. That’s all. Life is difficult. Only three words, but still telling a story. Our story. Yes, all of us can write books about our own hardship stories:

It’s month-end and I don’t have money to pay my assistant’s salary, because my clients haven’t or don’t want to pay me.

(It makes me so angry when big businesses use smaller businesses as their bank to borrow money interest free!)

I’m in a terrible position.  My family has been torn apart by things my father did in the past. All five families are suffering. 

My finances are in an appalling condition and I don’t have the university fees I still have to pay.  I feel so depressed, even though I know God is in control and that I have to hold onto his promises.

(Why do children often have to bear the consequences of their parents’ problems?)

I’m a single mother, my daughter passed matric in 2013 with very good marks. Now I look at the mountain in front of me – how are we going to get over this mountain, how am I going to pay for her study fees, my car needs new tires, my daughter needs to go for driving lessons and her license  … and the list goes on and on.

But I know I serve a living God who ALWAYS provides and never gives me more than I can deal with. But still, sometimes I feel so discouraged and then the questions come creeping in.

Yes, life is not easy. Life happens and sometimes we find ourselves caught in the middle, feeling pressurized on all sides. For some the pressure simply becomes too much and they think that self-death is the only option.

I still remember when I considered driving my old mini panel van into a big truck filled with bricks. It was after my girlfriend at university had died. It looked like a good option, because it would’ve taken away all the hurt and pain in one fell swoop, but it would’ve taken me with it.

Worries play tricks on our minds and before long our emotions join the party. What a recipe for disaster, because when our emotions break loose, it’s like a wild horse nobody can stop.

That is why we have to take our problems and worries to Jesus. As I always say, we have to get reinforcements, because on our own we’re far too weak to carry the burden. And here is your promise: 7Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.

Take your worries to Jesus. Talk to Him about your worries. Listen to his guidance. Be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and tackle your problems together. Know that God will help you. It will calm you down and help you to tackle the problem calmly.


What are you worried about?

Are you talking to God?

What is the possible that you can do?


Lord, I need You so. My stomach is churning, I’ve got a headache, nothing makes sense anymore. Yes, my emotions are running high. I bring every problem to You and put them before You one by one. Please help me. Make me calm! Amen.

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