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Passionate life

Philippians 2:19-30

Sitting around the camp fire, my friend told me about his work. The business he worked for provided support to struggling students by empowering them through further training in order to actually enter the work force. In this way, many of these students were placed in big companies.

However, he said, he wouldn’t place someone if he had not first walked the mile with him. He wanted to get to know the person, to understand what he or she was made of, and where he or she would fit in. In a way, my friend put together a picture of the person while being together and so he would get to know what that person could do and obviously also what he or she could not do.

Some students caught his attention right from the start and it was easy to place them in any company. They are hungry for work. They would do anything to get a job and get their foot in the door of the job market. They are bubbling over with energy to change the world. They are unstoppable.

Epaphroditus, who came to help Paul when he was in prison and his wheels fell a bit off, was like that. Epaphroditus was not afraid of hard work. He would have done anything to get it right. He would’ve jumped into the fire to make sure that he was doing his job right. When he eventually had to return home, Paul described him as follows: 30Remember the ministry to me that you started but weren’t able to complete? Well, in the process of finishing up that work, he put his life on the line and nearly died doing it.

What a wonderful testimonial about someone’s life. He was prepared to work together with Paul for the Lord and was not afraid to die while doing it.

Unfortunately, we can’t say this about all people. I’ve been asked many times to be a reference for people who had worked with me. For many it was easy. I was easily able to name their positive characteristics and recommend that they were able to do the work and would bring a lot of energy to the business. People were not afraid to work overtime. People who had the business’ interests at heart and would take on hard times and make every effort to make it work.

With others it wasn’t so easy…

I think we have to look at our own lives again. We have to look at the energy we put in and whether we do things and whether we do things with enthusiasm. Are we struggling all the time? Don’t we like getting up or can’t we wait to take on the day?

God gave each of us many talents. Using your talents and living your passion usually give energy and then you can’t stop doing the things you like. Even when you’re tired to death, or even if your life is in danger, you simply cannot stop – because it’s your passion, it’s your dream.

Life’s too short to waste it on the wrong things. Make sure that what you do during the day is your passion and gives you energy. Make sure that you use the talents that God gave you at your workplace and wherever you are. Also make sure that you do everything for Jesus.

That is what we are instructed to do.


Does your life give or drain your energy?

Are you living your dream?

What should you do?


Lord, thank you that I can live my dream. But I know there are many people out there who cannot do what they want to do or what they are capable of doing. So many do not do what You create them to do. Please help them. Open their eyes and let them live according to your will. Amen

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