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Part of the master plan

1 Corinthians 12:12-20

James, the builder, added a study to our house. James and I talked a lot. We talked about the church and outreaches and so on. He told me that he kept a small notebook in his Bible to write down every message and every verse used in sermons, because, he says, it didn’t stick. I said I knew what he was talking about, because I often read something or heard something beautiful somewhere, but couldn’t remember it around the next corner.

I said to him I had always felt bad about this, because all my friends could remember everything so well, while I had to write it down. Until the day I realised that the Lord had given me another talent – to write down the things I couldn’t remember. He uses this talent to help others. And the Lord uses James in building to reach others. In the middle of the year he left everything just like that, got into his bakkie and reached out to others. He builds churches and halls and whatever is necessary to make life easier for others.

The body of Christ works like a human body. It consists of different parts and the parts need one another to function well. If the body was just one big eye, you would probably be able to see into the future. But what’s the use if you can see the future, but you have no feet to go up the mountain to see what is happening in the next beautiful valley. Or what’s the use if you’re one enormous hand, but has no brain to tell the hand: Open, pick up or let go? Sort of useless. The body’s parts need one another.

In the same way the body of Christ consists of different members who need one another to function efficiently. The body of Christ needs everyone to use his or her talent to the full and I suspect this is why it’s not going well in the world. The members of Christ’s body are not using their talents. Let’s take James as an example. What if he had not used his talent, got into his bakkie and together with others reached out to people in other countries? How much darker would those places have been?

The body of Christ is not looking well, because many members are not using their talents. And don’t think you were at the back of the line when God handed out talents. 18As it is, we see that God has carefully placed each part of the body right where he wanted it.

You are part of the master plan. You have a distinct place. If you don’t take out your set of talents and start using them, the body of Christ will not look well where you are staying and working and playing. And it’s no use saying that you actually do not have a very important part to play. Everyone has a job to do. You are needed in the bigger plan for the body of Christ.

Find your talent and look after it. Develop it. Use it to make a difference. Remember: the idea is to work towards the benefit of others – where you stay, work or play or any other place where the Lord may send you.


What does the body of Christ look like around you?

What is your talent?

Are you making an impact?


Father, I understand the body of Christ. I understand that I’m also a very important part of it. Help me make the most of my talent and to work with other members to make a difference in your Kingdom. Amen

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