God's word in today's world

Part of God’s plan

Ephesians 5:1-5

Sometimes things happen in your life that push you down between the floor and the polish. Sometimes problems rain down on you one after the other making you feel as if you’re simply not good enough. Yes, at times circumstances make me so blue that I don’t think much of myself.

I nearly had to reach the half century mark before I really knew what God’s plan was for me. Apologies for using myself as an example, but maybe it can help you. I was not part of my parents’ family planning. Five children were more than enough for them and they certainly did not feel up to having one more. But God had a different plan. Years ago God realized that He would want to talk to his children through their screens one day and He was thinking about someone like me.

The problem was that my parents’ family planning did not really leave any space for it. However, that was no problem for God. Across stop streets, valleys and impassable canals God built a bridge to bring about his plan. Nine months later the sixth greeted the world with a scream.

Have you ever thought how very different it would have been if the minuscule sperm swimming right next to you was a little ahead?

There is a reason why you, yes you, won that swimming race. You are part of the plan. You are part of God’s plan. It’s no coincidence that you are reading this message now. No, listen – you are special. Yes, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Even if life is pressing so hard on you that you want to cry. Even if you feel like you’ve come to the end of your life. You are special.

In the business world you’re often asked what that one unique product or service is that makes you special. They call it your competitive advantage. It puts you just that little bit ahead of the rest.

My and your competitive advantage is that we have a God who had a plan for us even before we came into this life. Despite man’s plans, like my parents’ family planning, God has set out all the plans for our lives. A rescue plan was actually part of the overall plan. A plan that would save us from the trouble we were in.

A rescue plan formed part of God’s plan: 2He didn’t love in order to get something from us but to give everything of himself to us. Love like that.

Too big to understand. Our God thinks we are so special that He cannot but let Himself die through his Son on the cross. He takes the punishment that we deserve for the wrong things that we do on Himself. Yes, He takes our punishment. Just like the song: Even before we could choose, before we could ask, He took our sin upon himself.

God must love us terribly much to do something like that.

We must never forget that. When life is pressing down so hard again, when we feel no more than a worm in a bird’s beak, we must stand up and say: I am special, because God chose me. I am part of God’s plan. It’s no coincidence that I’m here on earth. I was the one who was just that little bit ahead and that was no coincidence. On the contrary, I am so special that God even sent his Son to take the punishment for all the things I do wrong.

I can lift my head again. I can look life straight in the eye again, because I’m part of God’s plan!


Do you believe that you are part of God’s plan?

Do you believe that God loves you?

You are special to God.


Our Father in heaven, You are a remarkable God. You are a God who bends down to man and make him special. Thank you that I can be special too. Thank you that You chose me and that You have a plan with my life! Amen

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