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Overflowing trust and love

It’s good to know that we belong to God. We’ve been commanded to stay away from the wrong things. We’ve heard that we need to put all our energy into living in a way that will make God say: Well done.

We hear it. We know it. We know it’s the right thing to do, but how? Here’s a plan: 11work instead at what is right and good, learning to trust him and love others and to be patient and gentle.

The project must have one strong foundation and that is God. Don’t even try dealing with the challenges and attractions of temptation on your own. It will never work.

I can testify to that. One example is when we wanted to start our ministry for teenagers. They are being bombarded with so much rubbish on their phones and we wanted to bring God’s Word to their phones too. But it can’t happen just like that. It takes money, much of which is needed to design a professional website, have an App developed, and to get marketing partners. And who is going to do all this?

I have learnt from hard experience that you shouldn’t try and chase after such a big vision on your own. Therefore, right from the start, God was the foundation, the One walking ahead, the doorman, the wise leader, and the bank. A month before we launched, the funds to finance all the developments were deposited in one big amount.

All made possible by the one big Partner we involved and to whom all the money in the world belongs.

I must confess: I sometimes wondered whether it would work. Sometimes I asked out loud where the money would come from. Sometimes I wondered whether the technical stuff in the background would realise. Sometimes I wondered if the teenagers would really buy into the concept. And then I sat down and trusted in God. I prayed to God and when I got up, I was calm. I trusted in Him and in his promise that He would never let us down.

Trust that God walks with us through life and helps us with his Spirit helps us to avoid the wrong things and live within the will of God. But there is another easy and practical suggestion that can help you with this: Overflow with love for other people.

It’s easy: If you’re busy doing good, there is little space for bad things. It’s sort of like a one-way valve. A tap like that only allows flow in one direction. To permit flow in the other direction, the tap must be removed, turned around and reinstalled. And that’s too much trouble.

That’s why we need to learn to live in one direction only – to overflow with love. We must look for places where we can unload love. If you open your eyes, you’ll see more places than the love you have. Then, if you allow the love to flow out of you, the wrong acts won’t be able to swim against the stream.

Remember: 11… you are God’s man. Run from all these evil things, and work instead at what is right and good, learning to trust him and love others and to be patient and gentle.

1 Timothy 6:11-12 

Does your trust in God sometimes fail?
Are you overflowing with love?
What is the Holy Spirit saying to you today?

Lord, I trust in You too little. When the storms appear, my trust fails. Please help me to remain standing and to keep my eyes on you. I know You will show me where You want me to work to make your love visible. Amen.

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