God's word in today's world

Our light in the darkness

I wonder what living on earth would’ve been like before Christ came. At that time there was no permanent way to be saved. Or rather, Jesus was not yet on earth to open the gates of heaven for us who believe in Him.

Ordinary people depended on the priests and prophets to keep them on the right road. It was especially the prophets who were God’s mouthpiece, the link between God and the people.

What incredible responsibility did these men and women have! They were most likely also looking for a more permanent solution. A solution that could save man from evil forever.

10The prophets who told us this was coming asked a lot of questions about this gift of life God was preparing. The Messiah’s Spirit let them in on some of it—that the Messiah would experience suffering, followed by glory. They clamored to know who and when.

How wonderful it must’ve been for each of them when they heard the message that there was indeed a rescue plan on the table. When this was revealed to them, they couldn’t remain silent.

Do you know that there are more than 350 prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament? The first one about Jesus’ virgin birth is already trumpeted out in Genesis 3. Even then the prophets knew something big was coming.

From the beginning, God’s plan of salvation was on the table and the prophets made it their job to find out exactly what the plan would look like. It was this plan that often carried the people of God through the hard times.

We can be so grateful that we live after the plan of salvation has become a reality. We no longer have to wonder when it will happen. We no longer have to wonder how the plan will be implemented.

Jesus came to earth to die for people’s sins. He paid for everything with His life. We don’t have to contribute anything. The plan of redemption was complete and all debts were paid. For those who have confessed their sins and accepted Jesus as their Saviour, the door of heaven is open.

How awesome is that? Here we are with the salvation plan of God that has become a reality. This event happened in the past and we no longer have to flounder around in the dark like the priests and prophets of old. We no longer have to use lots of energy to wonder how and where it will happen.

We don’t realise every day how privileged we are to live in post-Jesus’ coming – after the salvation plan of God has been set in motion and fully implemented. It’s as clear as daylight to us.

When we realise this, we too, like the prophets of old, when they finally discovered the news, must go and tell the world this wonderful news. We must go and spread this happy message so that the others who are still floundering in the dark will also move towards the Light.

1 Peter 1:6-9

What does God’s salvation plan mean to you?
What do you do with it?
Who can you share this plan with?

Father, thank you very much for Your salvation plan! Thanks for letting me be a part of it! Please help me to tell this to others, so that they too can move from the darkness to Your light. Amen.

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