God's word in today's world

Our guardian angel

There are many uncertainties in life today. We don’t know whether Eskom will be able to provide sufficient power. We don’t know whether the country’s economy will survive. We don’t know whether the current cabinet will be able to make things work. We don’t know whether things can be maintained with all the corruption going on everywhere. We don’t know whether our businesses and jobs will survive. These are just a few of the many uncertainties we have to face.

The trick, however, is to raise what is certain above all these uncertainties so that the certainties can encompass the uncertainties. There is one great certainty in our lives: 12It is strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into joy, thanking the Father who makes us strong enough to take part in everything bright and beautiful that he has for us.

God will protect is. The one certainty amidst all the uncertainties in life is: God will protect us. God himself will ensure that Satan won’t be able to hurt us. Every moment of the day God surrounds you with his angels.

In the present stormy economic times this may be the only foothold we have! And I must confess that at times it has felt as if God’s angels have abandoned me to go and help someone else first.

When the waves keep on storming in, I cannot see the light. Then it feels as if anything that happens to me is negative. There is nothing positive to hold onto. But we must keep holding onto these words: God will protect me. God will protect me!

I remember when I was still involved in business, how I would keep on repeating these words. When the union had made yet another appointment to come and fight, I said: God will protect me! When clients refused to pay and creditors were waiting on the other side for their payment, I knew God would protect me! When sitting down with an aggressive employee, I knew: God will protect me! I repeated it to myself out loud. This was all that I held onto: God will protect me!

Because you see, God loves me too much. He has already done way too much for me to drop me now. Often in the past, God has saved us from the darkness. The first time was there on the cross where his Son had to die so that we could live.

Countless times God had to keep us from falling into the hands of darkness. Often we don’t even know about it. God continued to save us. Why ever would God not protect us now? God’s love for us is simply too great for Him to stop protecting us.

But now it seems as if we don’t have to do anything and all the responsibility is put on God. I believe we have to do what is possible and leave the impossible to God. Therefore, we have to continue looking for solutions and bring them to the table. It’s like teamwork. We do what we can and know that God is in the process of sorting out the part that would’ve been too big for us to handle.

Do not be afraid. Listen to this promise of God: “I will protect you. Leave your worries with me and do what you can.” As a result, both you and God will have a big smile. He will be glorified.


Colossians 1:12-14


Where do you struggle?

Do you trust God 100%?

Do you believe that God will really protect you?

Father, I need your protection so much. I cannot face the world without You and your protection. Please help met Father, to see what I can do and then leave the rest to you, always. Please help me to trust in You and that I will know that You will never abandon me. Amen.

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