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One team


5When the Message we preached came to you, it wasn’t just words. Something happened in you. The Holy Spirit put steel in your convictions.

My team and I were invited to minister every morning for a week at a primary school in the Strand. Every morning a song by Afrikaans singer Nicholis Louw was played and with songs like Vergeet en vergewe, Net vir jou, Emmers vol liefde and Energie playing loudly on the speakers, we preached God’s message to them.

We also showed video material and lots of pictures on the big screen. Some made them laugh out loud, while others made them close their eyes in shock. Sometimes they jumped up and down and stood on the chairs. I tried my best to catch their attention, but then I started doubting. Was it really working? Did it make a difference? Did any child go and make a difference in someone else’s life? Did the big message really get through to these grades one to seven kids?

As it normally happens with things like these, the uncertainty trips you up. But fortunately, our God is faithful and pulled the doubts from my heart, because here He shows that even the wonderful Paul could also only do things up to a certain point. Then the Holy Spirit took over the work. Praise Him!

Paul told people about Christ. The Holy Spirit used Paul’s words to do powerful work in people’s lives. That is why I know that the Holy Spirit also uses my words of hearing, feeling and seeing powerfully in the children. At some point, my responsibility comes to an end and that is when the Holy Spirit takes over.

I do think that God sometimes uses us to sow the seed so that the Holy Spirit can work in others. Yes, God can miraculously open up things in a person and that person can make a complete and wonderful turnaround. I think God likes teaming up with us to work in other people’s lives.

How are you playing in the team or are you still a reserve on the bench? What contribution can you make to the success of the team?

Man, we have the best members of all in our team and the opposition has actually been defeated already. We only have to run and score the points.

Yes, but I don’t like walking around proclaiming my Christianity to each and everyone or to grab someone by the neck, demanding to know what their relationship with the Lord is. It’s not necessary if it’s not your calling.

Just live for the Lord without embarrassment. As the saying goes: Tell others about the Lord, and use words, if necessary. The Holy Spirit will do the rest. You don’t have to worry about that. 5… The Holy Spirit put steel in your convictions.

My friend, many people are on their way to the eternal fire and you can prevent it. Remember: Your team mates are wonderful and they will do the work. You must simply pass the ball to the other guy!

Do it now!


1 Tessalonisense 1:1-5


How do you think can you get the message out there?

Where do you start?

Where do you need extra strength from the Holy Spirit?


Father, I must confess that I do not always automatically spread your message out there. I know I’m not alone and that your Holy Spirit will hold my hand. Please help me to put my hand in your hand so that together we can make an enormous difference out there. Amen.

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