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On the right paths

I’m sitting in the steam room, emptying myself. Somewhere someone said this is the way to get all toxins from your body. In my mind, however, I picture all the fat dripping from my body piece by piece.

The other day my friend asked me if I knew where fat goes to. I wanted to mention the sweat in the steam room, but rather said nothing. It is interesting, he said, that your body turns fat into usable energy. The byproducts are water and carbon dioxide and in the process it becomes warm. Almost like petrol in a car that gives the energy to turn the wheels and releasing carbon dioxide and water through the exhaust.

I still think my answer about sweat in the steam room is not far off the mark, but let’s leave that there before I lose my drift.

Anyway, another guy and I was sitting there in silence. Then he got up and jumped into the swimming pool. A lady sitting on the edge read him the riot act for not showering before getting into the pool. I simply shook my head at the way she spoke to him.

Yes, you do have to wash off the sweat first, but rather correct people in a nice way. Don’t come in shooting.

The man said nothing and joined me for another long session of sweating. He stood up, used the hand shower to clean himself, opened the door and jumped into the pool.

Immediately the woman jumped on him again and started berating him again. She didn’t see him showering inside the steam room.

When I left, I couldn’t help myself and told the woman nicely that the guy had indeed showered inside the steam room and not outside where they could have seen him. She kept on scolding and as I walked away, I could hear other women complaining about the man. That women were on the wrong path.

1It’s crucial that we keep a firm grip on what we’ve heard so that we don’t drift off.

I was ashamed about the way the women talked to the man, most probably a visitor. Our country needs unity and destructive communication like this simply widens the gap between us.

It is so important that we carry the Word of God in our hearts to help us stay on the right path. With every choice we have to make, whichever direction we go, what comes out of our mouths, we must first listen to God’s words.

We must remember that it is our nature to choose the wrong path. Only through continuing to study God’s truths every day does it become part of our being. Then it can help us make the right choices in order to stay on the right paths in life.

May God help us!

Hebrews 2:1-4

How often do you study God’s Word?
Who determines your reaction?
What do you have to do differently?

Father, I know I still make too many of my own decisions. That’s why my world looks like it does. Please help me to be more disciplined. Please help me to make your words part of my life so that I can live on the right paths more and more. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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