God's word in today's world

Nothing to say

What I do today has an impact on my road on the other side of the heavenly gates.

A difficult statement, I know, so let me explain.

If I understand the Bible correctly, there are courts in heaven. To me it kind of sounds like a court case that we all have to go through and where our lives on earth are examined. And it also sounds to me as if each of us will get a chance to have our say. Yes, 5Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life. There’s nothing about attorneys who will defend our cases for us. No, everyone will have to stand up and put his or her case.

I can already see your hair stand on end and I can hear people come to their own defence by saying that Jesus is our attorney and will take on our case That is so. But he had taken on our case in a previous matter, which had its own case number. This is the case where we are charged with all our sins. Here Jesus stands up and points at the judge, describing exactly what He had done for us. He describes his death on the cross taking on the punishment for each and every sin that we are charged with. There on the cross He was punished already. Technically, therefore, we cannot be charged with our sin, because you cannot be punished twice for the same sin. The penalty has been paid.

Our case is removed from the roll and we leave as free people. Our place in heaven is assured. And we can go to bed with no worries.

After the court case there is one more place that we have to report to before being let loose in the playgrounds of heaven: We will have to appear before God. And the way I know God, this will certainly not be a court case. It will much rather be like a good conversation on comfortable couches with a cup of tea or two. God will most certainly be concerned about how the journey from earth to heaven went. Maybe He will ask about the loved ones we necessarily had to leave behind and whether we miss them already. With much excitement He will tell us about life ahead. Most probably He will not be able to hide his excitement at having us with Him and will give us a warm hug.

If I understand verse 5 correctly, after this conversation we will have a last chance to look back on our lives on earth. God will question us about the way in which we lived on earth. I suspect God will ask how we ended up interpreting his Word in the way that we did and whether we managed to live in the way that He had suggested we do. Chances are that God will ask one question only: Did you live my commandment there where you worked, in your business, at home, among your colleagues, and among your family and friends? Did everyone around you see my love? Did they personally experience my hands and feet?

I wonder whether we will have anything to say.

Sometimes it feels to me as if we’re stretching God’s grace just a little bit too far and live in a way as if everything and anything goes. God’s grace is precious and we shouldn’t waste it. For each person who believes in Him, Jesus has prepared a place in heaven, but we still have a responsibility to make sure that our way of life is aligned to God’s will. One day we will have to report back on this. And maybe some of us will have to please explain.

Come on, let’s make our task easier so that we don’t feel like hiding from God. Let’s look forward to jumping into God’s arms and excitedly telling him about how we were able to be his hands and feet on earth.

Galatians 6:1-9


Do you believe that Jesus has prepared a place in heaven for you too?

Do the people around you experience your gratitude?

Are you looking forward to telling God about your life on earth?



Our Father in heaven, thank you that your Son has prepared a place for me with You. I want to show the world my gratitude in the way I live, but I have to confess that I struggle to do that. One day I want to have a wonderful conversation with You, but at this stage I suspect I will be a bit ashamed. Please help me to make this right so that I can be prepared when You come to fetch me. Amen

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