God's word in today's world

Not too embarrassed to help

Philippians 1:19-26

I watched a video on Facebook: No means No, a moving video about the things that happen around us that many of us keep quiet about. It’s a challenging video.

At a party a guy pins a young girl to a couch while his friend records everything on his cell phone. She’s clearly not aware of what is happening. Suddenly the guy looks straight up at the camera and says: “Thanks for keeping your mouth shut!”

The camera then moves to an office to a woman working at her screen. Her boss walks up to her and rubs her shoulders. He looks up and says to the audience: “Thanks for minding your own business.”

Next come four young boys bunched up around a cell phone. They’re looking at intimate photos. One looks straight into the camera and says: “Thanks for not telling my girlfriend.”

In the last clip a girl turns away from her drink for a split second to greet a friend. A guy puts something into her drink and then also turns to the camera and says: “Thanks for not telling anyone.”

It’s as if all of them are talking to me.

How would I act if I see things that are not right? What do I do when injustices are committed, but even more – what do I do when I know people are taking the broad road? I wonder if there will be moments that will make me hang my head in shame if I get the chance to look at my life story on screen?

When it comes to spreading the Gospel, Paul is sorted in his way of doing things 20I don’t expect to be embarrassed in the least. On the contrary, everything happening to me in this jail only serves to make Christ more accurately known, regardless of whether I live or die. He knows he is doing his best. He knows that he will not keep quiet, despite being thrown in jail, despite it costing his life.

The Facebook video continues. A text slowly appears: When you do nothing, you’re helping him. When you do something, you help her.

All four girls appear one by one and say:

  • “Thanks for getting help,” while two friends help her up off the couch.
  •  “Thanks for telling HR,” while someone talks to her boss.
  •  “Thanks for stopping him,” the teenage girl says walking away with her friends.
  • “Thanks for telling the bartender,” the girl says, holding a glass of water in her hand.

The video ends with a challenge to the audience: Who will you help?

Whether it is addressing the things that are wrong in our world, being a mouthpiece for those who cannot speak, standing up for the weak, or physically living God’s command to love – let’s do what is expected of us.

Let our actions bear witness of God’s love for the world. Let’s act in a way that will make others say thank you, so that neither we nor others will be ashamed of what we do.



Where do you have to take a stand?

Where do you have to speak up?



Father, please help me never to be ashamed of the way I act. Please help me stand up for those who need it. Please help me live your reconciling, liberating Word everywhere I go. Amen

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