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No need to find another hall

When people ask me what church I belong to, I always say I’m interdenominational. I don’t think God intended that there should be so many different churches each with its own take on things. And it seems to be getting worse. With just a glimmer of a difference on the horizon we start looking for an empty hall in town to start our own church.

I read about a pastor in a rural town who baptised one of the older members of his congregation, not acting according to the congregation’s doctrine, and who was summarily suspended. Now a few members of the congregation sit in church every Sunday while the rest attend the suspended pastor’s services in a hall.

I suspect Jesus is terribly saddened by people messing his body around like this.

Often we get so caught up in theology and interpretation that we miss the main message. However, there should be one focus only: 28We preach Christ, warning people not to add to the Message. We teach in a spirit of profound common sense so that we can bring each person to maturity.

Jesus is the main theme of the Revelation of God. God reveals Himself – makes Himself known – to man through his Word. If you want to know God, if you want to see his heart, read the Bible. I always say that you can see what people’s hearts look like by the words coming from their mouths. And it is not always a lovely picture when someone loses self-control and a rush of words slips unstoppably from his mouth.

Fortunately, there are people whose words paint a more beautiful picture – an example for all of us.

This is the picture of God’s heart that we see through his Word. A picture of caring, a picture of reaching out to people in need, a picture of giving Himself to others who are not making it at all. There is only one person in the picture: Jesus. Focus on Jesus, because He is the only One who can really make a difference. God’s whole story reaches a climax in Jesus.

This is what we must believe in and what we should tell others. Sometime, our differences are simply noise. Forgive me if I go too far. But there are some things we have to and can talk about, and the problem is when other things become more important than Jesus. Be safe and focus on Jesus always. Do not let yourself be led astray.

And 28The mystery in a nutshell is just this: Christ is in you…

What a simple answer. But this is where most of us stumble and it is probably the reason why each of us wants to be king in our own little castle. I’ll venture to say that if we do not have an initiate relationship with Jesus, we are going to struggle to make Him the focus of our lives, and it may become the reason we go looking for a hall one day.

Let’s concentrate on our relationship with Jesus. Let’s get to know Him really well as our Friend. Let’s make time for Him in our busy day. Let’s invite Him to go everywhere with us. Then we’ll know what his will for our lives is.




What are you focusing on?

What things are there in addition to Jesus?

How intimate is your relationship with God?


Father, forgive me for not always keeping Jesus at the centre of my life. Please forgive me for not always being the best example. Please help me to put time aside to work on an intimate relationship with Jesus. Amen.

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