God's word in today's world

No more fog

When I was a student, I used to drive the Intercape buses. I would leave Cape Town at eight in the evening to reach Port Elizabeth at six o’clock the next morning. That evening we would leave Port Elizabeth at eight to reach Cape Town early the next morning. That’s how I spent every day of my vacations.

I enjoyed it and was not afraid of keeping the big monster on the road, but I was scared of the early morning fog over the Rûens, just after Caledon until you get to Swellendam. The fog was so thick that you could only see three lines ahead in the road. It was no use switching on your brights, because the lights couldn’t penetrate the mist and only blinded your eyes.

You couldn’t drive much slower, because you would get into trouble if you arrived late in Cape Town. I was scared of vehicles with no lights in the road or an animal that came through the fence. I still remembered when a bus crashed into a cow in thick fog. You wouldn’t believe how much damage a cow could do to a bus.

When you eventually got through the fog and the sun was shining brightly, you were enormously relieved and grateful for being able to see far ahead. Everything would look clear and clean. As if you had just awoken from a terrible nightmare.

That is exactly what God came to do. God came to wake us up. God came to get us away from a life of awful nightmares. God came to remove us from a life in a foggy world where people stumble around directionless. Now we need not stress anymore. Now we no longer need to be scared that something would pop up in front of us and we can do nothing about it. We are no longer in a fog, because God has rescued us from it.

Thank you!

8Since we’re creatures of Day, let’s act like it.

It’s so much better to wake up and smell the roses. It’s so much better to know exactly where you’re going and it’s even better to be able to see the road. Through Jesus (who is the light and the Light), God saved us from the dark life of the night and brought us into the life of day. Here where we can see, and also where others can see us.

It’s so much better to see and not to live in fear of whatever may be creeping towards us out of the dark. We can see exactly where we are going and where the road is. We must just make sure that the way we live fits in with day people.

Yes, we must make sure that the way we live fits in with day people.


1 Thessalonians 5:4-11


Do all your actions fit in with day?

What deeds fit in with night?

What must you do to become a day person?


Father, sometimes our actions do not really fit in with day and are much more of a scheming in the dark. We don’t want it to be like that. Please help us and guide us on the road of light. Amen.

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