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Naughty as always

After 40 years I was back at my primary school in Somerset West where my daughter took part in an evening athletics event. I could hardly believe it, but one of my old teachers, Mr. Le Roux, was still there and was the starter for the evening. I walked over and introduced myself. With such a unique name as mine, he could still remember me. And his first words to me? “Are you still as naughty as you were then?” I found this remark by the teacher quite strange. Was that all that he could remember about me?

I walked to the cafeteria and there was my Afrikaans teacher, Miss De Klerk. She still looked the way she did back then. Again, I introduced myself. Her first words: “Are you still as naughty as you were, Gerjo Ben?”

I felt a bit affronted by the two identical remarks about my primary school days, but then I realised that I myself was responsible for their comments. I myself left that picture in their minds.

And I know where it came from. I was the youngest of six and I had to fight to get attention. And my tactics often landed me in trouble. That was why I was labeled as the one who was often up to mischief.

If only I had believed that I was actually OK and that I did not have to be naughty to get attention, because in God I had value. Well, maybe I was too young to understand that.

But, if I only knew then what I know now: 4When Christ (your real life, remember) shows up again on this earth, you’ll show up, too—the real you, the glorious you.

You and I have so much value! We don’t have to do anything extra to get attention. God sees us. God holds us in high regard. Each of us is the apple of his eye. When we go to God, nothing else matters. God focuses on us alone and the rest can wait.

How is that possible? I mess up so much that God should hardly look at me. Jesus made this possible. Jesus gave us new value and that is why God looks at us with soft eyes. While in the past God could hardly look at us, now Jesus’ sacrifice here on earth has changed the whole relationship between God and us.

We will also experience this when Jesus returns to earth. Just like the loved ones and fans of successful sportspeople meet them at the airport waving flags and singing songs when they arrive, we will wait for Jesus when He returns.

Jesus will be so excited and will hug each of us like old friends. Why? Because He knows us and we know Him. He made all of this possible for us. With happy smiles and hand-in-hand we will walk with our Saviour and all will see it. All will see exactly how important we are to God.

We don’t have to do things to get attention or to feel important. Jesus has already restored our value. Thank you, because I want to get rid of that label of being the “naughty one”.




What is your identity based on?

Do you know Jesus?

What does it mean to you knowing that God regards you so highly?


Father, thank you for looking at me with such soft eyes. I must admit that it is rather difficult to see my own value. Thank you that my deeds are not taken into account here. Jesus’ blood absolved me so that I can again be precious and valuable in your eyes. Amen.

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