God's word in today's world

Must Jesus do it again?

When something goes wrong, we quickly wonder where God is. When it hurts and we’re full of pain, we want to know where God went. But He is there. He is always there. It might just be because of the hurt and pain that we are blinded to God’s presence in our lives.

It is exactly when things are hard that we should hold onto our faith in God. We must keep on trusting Him. Even when it doesn’t always feel like it and surely doesn’t look like it, we must believe that God is faithful. We must believe that He holds and protects us all the time.

Maybe the story of your life is playing out differently from what you pictured it would be. Maybe things happened where you didn’t make the right choices. Maybe someone else’s choices left you in the lurch. God will get you back on track despite that, so that you can fulfil his dream for your life.

We must believe that God is faithful. We must keep our faith strong. But at the smallest bump in the road our faith flies out the window.

Almost like Peter’s story in one of the Apocryphal books:

After Pentecost Jesus’ followers were subject to extreme persecution.

Peter made plans to flee the city for his own safety. As he crept along, he stumbled into Jesus carrying the cross on his back.

Bewildered he asked: “Lord, what is going on? You had ascended to heaven!”

And Jesus said: “Yes, Peter, but it looks as if you don’t believe it. Now I have to be crucified again so that you can believe.”

Is that not exactly what we do when our trust and faith in God fades away? We draw a line through Jesus’ love for us. We don’t trust that God really cares for us and will help us. And then Jesus has to be crucified again to pick our faith up from the dust.

No, it can’t work like that.

Listen well to the promises in God’s Word: 3But the Master never lets us down. He’ll stick by you and protect you from evil.

This short verse contains three promises: God and Jesus are always faithful. They are always exactly the same. Their love for us will never end. They will always help us. They will always use the circumstances in which we find ourselves now to shape us so that we can use them in his Kingdom again one day.

Secondly, God never let go of us. He knows we will mess up. Just like newborn babies need their mothers to feed them and help them as they grow, God will help us with our faith too. He knows it is not easy to believe everything right from the start. The process takes time. Therefore, He will help us with this as well.

Lastly, He will also protect us against the attacks of the enemy. The enemy will try and tempt us away from God at every opportunity. Unfortunately, he may succeed in making us stumble now and then, but God will help us up again, strengthen our faith and get us back on the road again.

Therefore, know with your whole heart that God is faithful. Let the Spirit help you strengthen your faith. Fight with everything in you not to fall into the enemy’s trap. God will protect you all the way.


2 Thessalonians 3:1-5

Reflect on this

What does your faith in God look like?

Do you trust Him with everything in your life?

Do you believe that He remains faithful?


Father, thank you that we can believe at all times that You are faithful. Thank you for keeping your promises with no exception. I’m so sorry that my faith often fails. Please help me and strengthen my faith in You. I ask this in the precious Name of Jesus. Amen.

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