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I struggled for 40 years to find a method that works for me to get something from God’s Word.

Some people tried to help by suggesting special study material. I read it. It went in through eyes, but somewhere inside the grey matter it got lost. I think the truth and wisdom might have leaked out through my ears or maybe there where my hair is thinning? Someone else said you have to be still and wait to be taken on a journey, but that led to extra lines on my face from falling asleep on my arms. I tried everything, but nothing got me out of bed with expectation. That lovely warm bed felt just too good.


Yes, my bed still feels good, but I found a way that makes reading the Bible a pleasure, understand what I’ reading, and move me to act differently! Now I understand a little better what God’s will for me is and I can behave a little less worldly and more the way that Jesus would have. How? To prevent what I’m reading disappearing through a hole somewhere, I started writing down what I read, heard and understood in the way that we do it today: by typing it. And suddenly things stayed in my head and something happened inside me. In a way, I hear God speaking. I must just say that I have never ever heard God speaking aloud. It is more in a way that something catches my attention or keeps running through my head like a song I heard somewhere and cannot stop humming. I read something and it just grabs hold of me. Maybe it bothers me or some else talks about something similar later and suddenly it just makes sense and I know that God wants to tell me something.

So I started writing down my Bible study every morning.

When a friend of mine, Pieter, told me he was also struggling, I, and the Lord, who was obviously also involved, decided right then and there to edit my writings a little and send them on to him. So it became an aid to Bible study. This e-bib (electronic Bible study) wants to help Pieter and, if you like, you also, and lead you to really get to know what God wants to do in your life. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s fine – not everything works for everybody, but please don’t stop searching for the right way for you to find God.

The name: I woke up one morning and there it was: call the e-bib Crossroad. With a double meaning:

Every day of our lives we stand at a crossroads, a four-way stop where we have to decide: do I go left, right or directly across? Some choices are not so obvious. Some are so obvious that we hardly think before choosing and do it as a matter of course. But is it the right choice that we are making?

On the other hand, we are on the Cross road. The road of the cross of Jesus Christ, and we try to walk the road like Jesus.

Crossroads have to be a road map, a route indicator, a sign for the crossroads in our lives.

Crossroads would like to help you to make the right choices in your everyday life.

How does the e-bib work?

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will receive a piece by e-mail that you can work through in your own time. Also try to read the Scripture. There is an internet link to the specific Scripture. It is hoped that Crossroads will help you understand that part of the Bible.

I trust and pray that this e-bib will bring you closer to God. May you experience His love. May you, when you have to hack off that part that does not look like a Christian and you hurt, feel His arms around you. May God bless other people because they know you.

Together serving Him

Gerjo Ben van der Merwe

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