God's word in today's world

Marriage is precious. Or not?

The world’s idea of the institution of marriage is completely different from God’s idea. In reality, there are no more boundaries anymore. Even dotted lines showing the boundaries of marriage have become blurred and are no longer clear enough to keep two people inside and others out.

I suspect it starts with our children who no longer recognizes the beauty, the godliness of marriage. The act of love has become watered down to a sport and young people challenge one another to see who can do it the most.

Andria (not her real name) paints a shocking picture:

Here in Norway, girls are taught from very young to first look at the money. Can he take you on vacation abroad at least twice a year? Can he give you a better house than your best friend has? Can he belong to all the social clubs? Does he have a BIG motor yacht? A new car every 2 years? Is his family rich & influential?

Hopefully he does not have any church ideas? Hopefully no parents to care about? It is all so materialistic.

Not: DO I LOVE HIM? DOES HE LOVE ME? Is he a Christian? The man is of no concern. Only his ability to provide. And if you are old-fashioned and feel s*x belongs in marriage… well, then you must be mentally unbalanced.

It is a very different world from our South African ideas!

I was traveling to work on the train one day and there were 4 or 5 young girls about 12 years old. They were discussing their holidays they were having in Spain. Each had a comb. The reason? Well, who would have broken off each tooth of the comb by the end of the holiday? 1 tooth = 1 guy THEY had gotten into bed…

Shocking – and unfortunately the situation here in our country is not much different.

5Learn to appreciate and give dignity to your body, not abusing it, as is so common among those who know nothing of God.

I might write a book about this one day, because I would like to make God’s idea of intimacy a point of discussion again instead of talking about how it is being abused at the moment. I think the world has distorted our picture of intimacy and marriage very much.

We must make an effort with our marriages. We must realize marriage is a precious gift from God. We must take care not to fall into a trap, allowing our marriage to be dirtied by inappropriate s*xual games. We must start living God’s idea of marriage again. And we must take our children by the hand and show them how it’s done.


1 Thessalonians 4:1-8


What does your picture of marriage look like?

What is allowed and what not?

What is your responsibility?


Father, Your intention for intimacy was to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. Please help us to remember that special purpose. Amen.

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