God's word in today's world

Love never ends

1 Corinthians 13:6-10

An sms on my cell: “X’s divorce final today.” Just like that. My energy drops into my shoes. The poor children. The poor woman. The poor man.

I remember their wedding. Small, intimate. So joyful with everybody laughing and feeling the love. Did the love dry up? Run out? Did the love simply evaporate? Can love stop happening? Can love die just like that?

Paul doesn’t think so. Prophecies and beautiful sermons will perish and be forgotten. Yes, even knowledge will disappear, but love will certainly survive. 8Love never dies.

What have we done with love that it runs out? What do my spouse and I do that it sometimes feels as if the love between us has gone?

People mess up.

We mess with the God-given action. Yes, action. Don Francisco sings: Love is not a feeling it’s an act of your will. It’s something that we must do, that we must live. What should be born in our daily actions of living. If you continue to persevere, try again, get up one more time, love will certainly also get up again. But we grow tired of getting up and trying again and again and eventually we push the ‘eject’ button and love dies. Apparently this is easier. But is it?

Maybe we should decide to let love live again. Maybe I should be the least and pour a little water on the roots of wilted love. Love will get up again! Love never dies!

You don’t believe me? Well, listen to the wisdom of a senior citizen:

My husband passed away after a marriage of 39 years; he was in intensive care in the hospital for 40 days. I couldn’t cry, because I know the Lord. Last night before I went to sleep, I picked up my one-minute meditational and read some pieces randomly.

And miraculously I opened the book at 30 November “Love never dies” – love is immortal.

The whole time that my husband was in hospital I assured him of my love, and every time I had to go to work or home after visiting hours, he held onto my hand and didn’t want to let me go, and every time I assured him that he was not staying alone in the hospital, because I had left him in Jesus’ hands.

When I read these words, this thought came into my mind: Love overcomes the pain of death, and in our case God’s love will also overcome death. The climax of our earthly lives is when we discover the love that chases away the fear of death.

Love is the one main thing that makes us believe in immortality. God is immortal and God is love; therefore, love is immortal.

Now I understand why I couldn’t cry – it was because I loved him so much I was prepared to let him go to God.

This old woman’s love didn’t die because death intervened. True love never ends, does not evaporate, but keeps going on and on and on …


What do you have to do to make love flower?

What practical plans can you make?

Who can help you?


Father, I think we don’t know the real kind of love like the love that You have for us. We play house with love. We actually mess with it. Father, please help us live true love? Amen

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