God's word in today's world

Love in action

I’m with a friend of mine. As he talks to me, tears run down his face. He is describing the last minutes before his daughter’s operation. Her leg had to be amputated just below the knee. An aggressive cancer had been discovered in her fibula. Only two out of a million children get it, and now she’s one of the two.

She’s 16 years old …

He said just as they tied the mask over her face, she softly whispered how much she loved him and thanked him for all that he did for her. And then, three times in a row, she called out loud: “Lord Jesus, help me! Lord Jesus, help me! Lord Jesus, help me!”.

My friend stopped talking for a while, tears still running down his face. I could see the compassion, the love, the caring come alive before me.

“You know, Gerjo, if I could, I would’ve taken that cancer from her in a second, just so she wouldn’t have to walk that road. Immediately, I tell you!”

That’s real caring. Real compassion. Yes, real love.

And suddenly this verse makes so much more sense: 5But when God, our kind and loving Savior God, stepped in, he saved us from all that. It was all his doing; we had nothing to do with it.

That is what real love is. Jesus felt so sorry for us that He took the punishment for us. It’s not what you or I did, because that is indeed far too little. This act of salvation by God, by Jesus, is driven by their love for us.

The love of a father for his daughter, his greatest treasure, is so abundant that he longs with everything in him to take this load from her and bear it on her behalf.

Could she ever realise how much her dad loves her?

Could you ever realise how much love God has for you?

We often feel lower than low because we think we’re nothing. Life is just one great big mess on the brink of spilling over. And the net effect? We feel like worms. We feel worthless, because we do one stupid thing after the other. Our self-image is gone and our self-value between zero and minus one. Who could ever want to love us?

God! God is good with loving sinners. God loves us sinners so much, He is prepared to send his Son to pay for our sin. That is real compassion, caring and lots of love!

Get up and say it to yourself. Stick it to your screen and your mirror. You are loved. God ‘s love for you is unimaginable. His Godly love for you overflows. Like my friend wanted to suffer the cancer on behalf of his daughter, Jesus has already taken your load of suffering from you. Out of love alone.

You are loved. You are special. You are God’s first love. Go and live it!

Titus 3:3-7

Do you feel loved?
Do you know how much God loves you?
How does one live that?

Father! Jesus! O, how much You love us! How much You love me! Your Son was punished in my place. That’s love in action. May I now also go and live it out there. Amen.

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