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Living stones in God’s virtual house

The temple was central to Jewish worship. It was a massive building and they believed God lived there. Here they sacrificed to Him. Here they served God with total dedication.

But in the year 70 AD, the Romans came and razed the temple to the ground. It was a big shock to the orthodox Jews, but actually, a stone building like this was no longer required.

Jesus came and He built a “living” temple. He forms the cornerstone and His brothers and sisters are built in beside Him. We are the bricks that are laid next to Him to form God’s, may I say, virtual church.

You see, God no longer lives in a stone building. God now lives in us through His Spirit. The tearing of the temple’s curtain with Jesus’ death on the cross was the sign that God also now lives in each of His children!

When we choose Jesus and accept Him as our Saviour, we get life, life to be built into God’s virtual church as living bricks. Together with Jesus who lives and we who live, we form a visible virtual church in the world today.

5Present yourselves as building stones for the construction of a sanctuary vibrant with life

In this living house of God, we as living stones must worship and praise and honour Him in the world. Our whole life as living stones must bear witness to a life that is grateful and gives honour to our Creator.

I think many times we forget this status that we have. When we’re at work or school, when we’re in the middle of things with the family and things aren’t going our way, we don’t react like living stones.

It’s as if we reach back to our status as unsaved people and then we easily act out of selfishness. Then we are dead stones and cause a weak spot in God’s virtual building. Where we actually have to show the world what a living stone looks like, we do the exact opposite and push the world away.

When we say we are living bricks, our behaviour must also be like living bricks. Then we have to give off a good fragrance in the world. Remember, the smell of death is unpleasant and repels people.

Being living stones in the world is not negotiable. It comes with the package. If you are bricked in next to Jesus, the living stone, you also receive life.

Yes, I know we struggle not to constantly fall back to the old person, but we must try to do the right things. Take trouble with your status as a living stone in God’s virtual house. Make sure you show a good picture to the world. Live so that others also want to be a living stone. Make sure that you truly make a difference in all circumstances.

1 Peter 2:1-8

What does it mean to you to be a living stone?
Where are you still slipping up?
Where can you be a reliable living stone?

Father, thank you that Jesus is the living cornerstone. I know I am a living stone that is built into Your house next to Jesus. Help me make a noticeable difference in the world as a living stone. Amen.

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