God's word in today's world

Like a Jack Russell

Philippians 2:12-17

A friend of mine is with CBMC, a Christian business group that meets weekly, helping one another to live closer to the Lord in the business world where things are not always being easy as well. But they do not only grow inwards. They believe that every member is responsible for spreading the Gospel out there in the market place too.

I have a lot of appreciation for this friend of mine and for everything that he does for the Kingdom. He reminds me of a small Jack Russell terrier. You know when that little dog fixates on something, he won’t let go.

Another pal, James, talks about his very active Jack Russell. He says when that little dog gets the smell of a mouse, he will stay there the whole day, nosing around and scratching until eventually he gets the mouse out of there. One day he smelt a mouse in the wood pile. The Jackie didn’t want to give up. Eventually, James had to shift the wood so that the dog could get to the mouse and catch it.

My friend is like that about lost people. Business people who’ve lost the way. Man, he talks to rough guys, guys I’d be afraid to look at. He goes straight to irresponsible, sometimes influential people and in a soft, loving way tells them about the danger of the road they are on.

If they turn away, he comes back. Even if they turn their backs on him, like a Jack Russell, he will not let go, but next time come at them from a different angle. I’m left speechless when I hear about the prominent, hardened business people whose eyes are opened and who make a real turnabout in their lives simply because James refused to give up.

My friend lives and runs on all pistons for his Saviour. He understands the command: 16Provide people with a glimpse of good living and of the living God. Carry the light-giving Message into the night so I’ll have good cause to be proud of you on the day that Christ returns. You’ll be living proof that I didn’t go to all this work for nothing.

Like my friend James’ Jack Russell, none of us should let a chance go by to be the light in the world. Many, many people pretend to be strong and have everything in place, but deep inside they’re searching hard for peace and joy. It looks as if they have it all, but when you confront them, you’ll soon see that their lives are in darkness.

I want to challenge you today to be like my friends and to never give up. Go to your friend, family member and colleague. Go shine your light there. Make a difference. When the light and Light one day enter that person’s life, he or she will be so grateful that you didn’t leave him or her alone.


Do you believe that God calls you to shine his light?

Where do you have to do it?

Where do you have to do it again and again?


Father, You have been calling me for a long time not give up. I know I have to shine your light but, unfortunately, sometimes I don’t make it. Lord, please give me strength, give me wisdom and insight. Please let me not be afraid to switch on the light where people are stumbling around in darkness. Amen

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