God's word in today's world

Light in the confusion of darkness

There are two kingdoms where two kings reign. God reigns in one kingdom and the devil in the other. We know that the devil was defeated on the cross and is now desperately trying to deceive people into not believing in God.

A Crossroad reader sent me a link to a debate between Dr Piet Croukamp and Dr Richard Howe, a theologian from UJ, on the subject: Does God exist? It was an upsetting sound bite. Piet is angry, and you can hear it in his bombastic rhetoric. He does not hesitate to use swear-word after swear-word to express his disgust with people who believe in God. On the wall in his study was a poster saying God is dead.

To believe in God, one needs faith. Something that is often drowned by the mind, with the result that such people can simply not choose in favour of the kingdom of light. So sad!

However, we who believe in God are part of his kingdom and a wonderful time in heaven awaits us: 12… to take part in everything bright and beautiful that he has for us.

God’s kingdom is always linked to light. In the Bible, light is the symbol of holiness, knowledge, purity, comfort and true happiness. Jesus was sent to the world to be the Light. Yes, Jesus drove away the darkness. Jesus brought light so that all could see in places where man was struggling hopelessly in the mud and darkness.

Man could see the mud. He could see he was going the wrong way. He could see that at the end of his life he was still on the way to eternal darkness – a place with no holiness, knowledge, purity, comfort or true happiness.

It is so sad to know that many people still choose to belong to the kingdom of darkness. Some of them openly, like Dr Piet.

We belong to the kingdom of light. We must show others why it is so much better to be in the light. Many of them don’t hear the words and only see what people’s actions tell them.

Therefore it is so important that all that we do reflect Jesus’ light. We must ensure that our mirrors are shiny and clean so as not to lessen God’s wonderful light. But even more we should make sure that our actions are in the light. No light shines under the table. Therefore, when you do a deal under the table, it cannot reflect God’s light. Quite the opposite!

If you are not sure whether an action is in the light or in the dark, listen to the voice inside you. The Holy Spirit will not remain silent if you ask Him.

We’re all on our way to the place where God’s light never stops shining. Let’s start living a life like that now. You may be the one to convince Dr Piet and others who cannot or do not want to believe, that a life in the light is better than one in the dark.


Colossians 1:12-14


Which of your actions reflect God’s light?

Where are the dirty spots on your mirror?

Are you looking forward to life hereafter?


Father, I have an enormous responsibility to reflect your light into the dark world! The world really needs it, although people might not always realise it. Please help me to make sure that all my actions are in the light and speak of the light. Amen.

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