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Just live …

I think we don’t always realise what impact the sin had that occurred in the Garden of Eden. It was the greatest disaster that ever befell mankind. Yes, the world has experienced terrible disasters. All the great wars, all the enormous natural disasters, and much more.

However, these disasters affect only those who are involved. But the disaster of the fall had an influence, a monumental influence on mankind, with a tremendous effect on the rest of human kind’s existence. Therefore, the fall is the greatest disaster ever that could befall human kind.

The choice that man made to oppose God and follow his own will, man and woman, created an enormous rift between humans and God. And there was no chance that humans could cross the rift to God. Man was lost and his end was death. God and humans became enemies.

Man could do nothing to change this hostility. It did no good to do one million good deeds for one small sin he did by accident. His punishment at the end of his life was booked before his birth. And that was death.

I can just imagine how difficult it was for God to see each of his children burning in the eternal fire. His Father’s heart could simply not take it any longer – therefore he made a plan. A great plan. An expensive plan: Jesus had to sacrifice his life. He had to be tortured. He had to suffer. He had to die. He had to go to hell.

So that you and I could live.

8… We can only keep on going, after all, by the power of God, who first saved us and then called us to this holy work.

Such a simple sentence, but the best, biggest, most saving news ever for us humans. With the cross, Jesus wiped out the hostility that existed between God and us. With this plan, God and Jesus took the biggest disaster that waited for each of us off the table. Hell and eternal fire no longer waits for us who …

Who what?

No longer sin? No, we still sin – that’s the nett effect of the fall in the garden of Eden.

No, for us who call Jesus our personal Saviour and Lord. And that’s all you need to escape the disaster. That’s all you need to walk free handed into heaven. All you have to do is put up your hand and confess your sin. God is faithful and will wipe everything from the table.

Wow! Almost too good to be true.

The question now is whether this really takes root in our lives? Can you see in the scripture that you need to do something? Yes, God asks you to do something: Live for Me! Just live for Me!

That’s what we have to do. Every day. Every morning when we get up, we need to have one goal in sight and that is to live only for God with everything in us. That’s actually little to ask for Him who came to save us and built a bridge across the rift. We must just live for Him.

Let’s try it today and tomorrow and further. Let’s allow gratitude to take control of our lives and live for God only with everything in us.

2 Timothy 1:8-10

Do you realise the impact of God’s plan?
What impact does it have on your behaviour?Do you live only for God?

Father, how can one thank You for Your plan? To live according to Your will, for sure. But I struggle. Still, I want to! Amen.

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