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Just do it

Once a week I go walking with a pal early in the morning. He was wondering what his gift was. I said I knew what mine was. To write. I’ve never even attended a one-day writing course. I just write. When I sit down to write, I don’t even think about the climax. I don’t even really know what it’s going to be. I just write. And somewhere in the process of writing the title pops up and then suddenly I’m done.

It’s a gift.

And when I stopped talking, I realised that the gift that I received from God doesn’t work very well when the Holy Spirit is not involved. It’s not me being so good, but the Holy Spirit working through me. Because the Holy Spirit is working, my gift has power and because of that, Jesus can use it to change people.

Therefore, God deserves all the glory when He uses a piece of my writing to change someone’s life. I think God is so happy when we join up with the Holy Spirit and does what He has in mind for our lives. He enjoys it when we live the picture that He had imagined even before we were born.

And that is exactly what Paul prays for the people of Thessalonica: 11we pray for you all the time—pray that our God will make you fit for what he’s called you to be, pray that he’ll fill your good ideas and acts of faith with his own energy so that it all amounts to something.

I suspect we have a choice when it comes to tapping into God’s power in our lives. There are many people out there who simply refuse to acknowledge that they cannot produce anything valuable under their own power. This brings me back to that simple example of people pushing a car from point A to point B instead of turning the key so that the engine can do the work.

Sometimes we are too obtuse to see that we have no power – we might well be plugged in, but we’re definitely not switched on. God gives each of us specific gifts as He sees fit. He even supplies the power, his Holy Spirit. We simply have to switch Him on, or to put it differently, allow Him to do his work through us.

Do you know what joy it is to do what God wants? It energises you. You always feel better than the weather. Nothing pulls you down, because God’s Spirit works through you, and where his power is up and running things happen at a whole new level and at a different intensity. But even better is the satisfied smile on God’s face when his picture of us starts taking shape.

I do know I still struggle to realise God’s picture of me in the world out there. The smallest bump in the road upsets me. When things don’t go as I thought they should, I stamp my feet and demand to know why. I suspect it is because we try to tackle stuff under our own power.

But we have too little. It won’t work. We’ll continue pushing nothing, falling down exhausted and having no impact.

Let’s allow the power of his Spirit to flow through us. Let’s just do it. We will enjoy it so much. And God? God will be over the moon!


2 Thessalonians 1:11-12

To think about

Are you plugged into the Power Source?

Are you busy with God’s picture of you?

Is God smiling about you?


Lord, I need to work on this. My actions are not always filled with the power that You had in mind. I need your support. With everything in me I want to bring your picture to life. Amen.

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