God's word in today's world

Just do it!

Paul was a very interesting character. He was one of those people who lived at full speed. When he was a soldier, he took his job very seriously and left no stone unturned to find and imprison Christians.

The same was true of his life after he repented. He gave his all to do everything possible to proclaim the Gospel to people who had never heard of Jesus. It was a great privilege for him to do it: 12I’m so grateful to Christ Jesus for making me adequate to do this work.

Paul could hardly believe that God allowed him to work in his Kingdom. He had committed so many wrong acts before meeting Jesus on the road to Damascus. He was almost the biggest enemy of Christianity and the cause of many Christians being killed. And now God was using him to set the world on fire for Jesus. That is why he is overflowing with gratitude.

I’m also amazed that God allows me, with my history and all that I’ve done, to be on the go in his Kingdom. Again I realise that God uses crooked sticks, and because He is involved, those crooked sticks can hit straight shots.

Many step into a trap here and use their past as an excuse for not being able to work in God’s Kingdom. Many say they are unworthy, or believe the things they did are simply too bad. God will never be able to use me, they say.

Well, I’ve got news for you. God wants to use you. You see, you have the experience. You can speak the same language as the guys who’re caught on the wrong side. They get what you say. They don’t understand the guys preaching from the pulpit. But your ordinary way of talking, your words, bring light in their dark world.

When are you going to respond to God’s calling? When are you going to start showing God’s light there where you live, work and play? God has done so much for you. When is your gratitude going to surface?

Yes, I know we’re afraid of being embarrassed. I suspect Paul felt this way too. He probably also wondered whether the other Christians would accept him, the guy who previously persecuted them. Would they listen to him or stone him?

But Paul’s gut feeling was that he would not have to do it alone. He was too weak on his own and had very little fuel. That is why he testified: I’m so grateful to Christ Jesus for making me adequate to do this work.

I don’t have to depend on my own power to do God’s work here on earth. Thank goodness, because I know I would’ve made a mess of it.

This is good news for you too. You don’t have to work for God under your own power. He will give it to you. He will put the words in your mouth. He will give you the courage and boldness to stand up and others will start respecting you. Know and believe this with your whole heart and know too that God relies on you to do his work here on earth.

And that’s why I can borrow Nike’s slogan: Just do it! At full speed!


I Timothy 1:12-17


What does your past look like?
What prevents you from working for God?
Do you believe that God will give you the power and courage?


Father, I must confess I’m afraid to let your light shine easily there where I work, live and play. I often feel that I’m too ordinary, too sinful, too little. Please help me to go out in your power and to make a difference! Amen.

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