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Jesus, still the greatest

The author of Hebrews drives the point home again and again. He wants his readers to hear the message again and again: There is no one like Jesus. He is the greatest. There is no one like Him in the whole universe.

Do you see Jesus like that too? Well, after looking at all his different characteristics recently, our image of Jesus cannot be the same! God Himself elevated Him to the highest place of honour in the universe.

13And did he ever say anything like this to an angel? Sit alongside me here on my throne until I make your enemies a stool for your feet. 14Isn’t it obvious that all angels are sent to help out with those lined up to receive salvation?

Why would the One who sits in the highest place in the world have enemies? Because the dark does not like the light. The devil doesn’t like what is good. He delights in evil. He breaks. He wants to give love a bloody nose. Jesus comes and stops him.

That angers the devil and he wants to get rid of Jesus. That is why he tempted Jesus in the desert right at the start of Jesus’ ministry, to get Him to side with the devil.

More enemies appeared along the way. Kings, Sadducees and Pharisees. Even the church of the day wanted to get rid of Him.

But the devil and his cronies misjudged the One they were getting involved with. Jesus is the strongest and the greatest. Even greater than the angels. Those who do not give Jesus his rightful place in the universe will be nothing more than Jesus’ footstool, so little value will they have.

Jesus is greater than the angels too. The angels are servants of God. They work for God. They support people and help them throughout their lives. The angels understand people’s needs and have great empathy with them. They will do anything possible to help people hear the message of salvation and make it part of their lives.

Angels are in service of God and on our side. They are there to protect us against attacks by the devil. Since Jesus was attacked by the devil, why would we escape such attacks now? Angels are sent to help us win this battle.

God has this whole army of angels and still He didn’t say to even one of them there is a place of honour next to Him where He reigns as King over the whole universe. He said it to Jesus only. And this alone says so much about Jesus, who He is, and how much power He has.

Let us fall to our knees and know who Jesus is. Let us honour Him as God, as Saviour. He is wholly other.

Hebrews 1:5-14

What does your picture of Jesus look like?
Do you give Him sufficient glory?
How do you need to adjust your picture of Jesus?

Lord Jesus, how wonderful it will be to kneel before your throne in heaven one day! I have no frame of reference for glorifying a King with the necessary awe. Show me how I can already honour You appropriately here on earth. Amen.

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