God's word in today's world

Jesus and how I see God

A friend I last saw when we were at school, asked me to officiate at the service for his mother’s funeral. He and his wife talked to me about his mother’s life and the stories just kept coming. One thing that she had many questions about, however, was life after death. This is not strange. All of us probably wonder about this at one time or another. Some of us might be a little afraid and that is also OK, because we’re often scared of unfamiliar things.

But if we get to know God better, we need not be afraid. How can we get to know God better? 15We look at this Son and see the God who cannot be seen. We look at this Son and see God’s original purpose in everything created.

Studying Jesus’ way of life on earth will give you a good idea of what God’s heart looks like. Our children tell the world a story of us as parents, what we look like, how we act, what we believe and so on.

The chairperson of the board’s son was on tour to Cape Town with his school from Windhoek. As people do nowadays, a WhatsApp group was put together of all the old friends in Cape Town. The boy’s former school friends decided to go and see him in Gordon’s Bay one afternoon. What a nice reunion. One of the parents posted on the group: “Thank you all!!! Today was so special and really great!! Eddie, old friend, that young man of yours is a very good ambassador for your family!!”

Jesus was God’s ambassador here on earth. By closely watching how Jesus does things, we get to know God. And it is a beautiful picture. Jesus sees thousands of hungry people and feels sorry for them. Then and there He decides to deal with everyone’s immediate hunger by doing a miracle. Many who are ill are cured. Those possessed are freed. People who are paralysed can walk. Leprosy is healed. There are thousands of examples of God’s heart in action.

The greatest example of what God is like is Jesus’ selfless death on the cross. The One who certainly did not qualify to be punished for sin. He is the One who is sacrificed, executed, so that we, who deserve it, are not punished.

That is God’s heart. A God full of love who will not leave things untouched, who will make plans so that it will be easy for his children to get close to Him.

That is why we do not need to be afraid of life after this one. Even though we don’t know exactly what it will look like, even though it may be unfamiliar and strange, because we know God. We know what his heart looks like, because we got to know Jesus. We know that Jesus loves us very much and would do everything for us. Therefore, life hereafter will also be good for us.

I just had an idea. We are Jesus’ brothers and sisters. That means you and I are also ambassadors for God. Then I’m painting a picture of God here on earth. People who do not yet know God can see the picture of God that I’m painting through my life.

I will have to start changing the way I do some things …


Colossians 1:15-20


Do you know Jesus?

Do you know God?

How do others see your picture of God?


Lord, thank you for your mercy and grace. Thank you that I can get to know you through Jesus. He paints such a beautiful picture of You. Please help me so that others will be able to see your picture clearly through me. Amen.

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