God's word in today's world

Jesus never gives up

Santa’s story:

This reminds me of a dark year in my life – my 19-year old daughter was studying. She and her friends always liked to party, but at one stage my husband started suspecting that they were involved in questionable things.

One Monday evening we got the news that her boyfriend had died in a car crash – he was driving and it seemed as if the accident had been caused by a heroin overdose! We loved him and it was a huge shock.

About one month later someone who wanted to remain anonymous phoned to warn me that she had seen my daughter negotiating with two other friends, apparently about heroin. I cannot even describe to you how I felt at that moment.

Immediately, led by the Holy Spirit, I asked God to give me his strength and what I should do.

That same day I talked to my daughter and she admitted that she was using heroin! We all sat down to pray together, because we knew that God wanted to teach us not to forget about Him.

My daughter was grounded and went for very strict treatment, which was accompanied by many, many tears. It was such a difficult time for all of us. But fortunately, thanks to our Father’s merciful love, power and guidance, she was clean by November! The Light came shining through strongly by the end of the year!

Today she is happily married to a wonderful man that she and we all love.

Somewhere in life we all come to a place where make poor choices. Some choices may be a little worse, like Santa’s daughter who decided to take heroin. What I find special about Santa’s story about her daughter is that she didn’t abandon her daughter when she found out about the addition. She immediately turned to God and then helped her daughter, sometimes strictly, to overcome her addition. And with the grace of God the story has a happy ending.

This is the effect of love. Love sees past the wrong past. Love sees past the degree of the mistake. Love dreams about a better tomorrow. Love always wants to help others, even though sometimes it has to be with a firm hand.

That is exactly what God does. Remember Paul’s testimony: 16I’m proof—Public Sinner Number One—of someone who could never have made it apart from sheer mercy. And now he shows me off—evidence of his endless patience—to those who are right on the edge of trusting him forever.

Many times, I’ve caught myself thinking that a specific person is simply too far off the road to ever get to the Lord. Just to meet that same person, but totally transformed, at a later stage, when they cannot stop talking about God’s goodness.

Nobody is ever too bad to share in Jesus’ grace and salvation. He will never push anybody away. Like Santa’s love for her daughter, Jesus simply has too much love to leave humans on their own. Jesus never gives up. Therefore, let us look at those around us through the same lens and treat them with love. Chances are they’ll meet up with Jesus with us one day.


1 Timothy 1:8-17


Have you done things you still have to forgive yourself for?
Is there someone you cannot forgive?
What must you do to forgive?


Father, how long You have to wait as your children mess about? How hurt your heart must be? I want to come to You. I want to come and sit on your lap and rest in your grace. I want to help my friends who are messing about to come closer to You. Thank you that Jesus made this possible for us. Amen.

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