God's word in today's world

Jesus and God together are a mean team

Recently I’ve been so amazed by the Bible, the Word of God. If it were the words of humans, it would no longer have existed. Other people would’ve explained what it meant and the words wouldn’t have had any meaning for others any more. But because God Himself was the Author, the words of the Word will never come to an end. These words will never lose meaning or value. They will exist until eternity, showing mankind the way. Because God was involved.

The same can be said about Jesus. If Jesus had been an ordinary man, what more could’ve been said about Him after 2 000 years? In South African history, Nelson Mandela is seen as the saviour. He is known all over the world and everybody knows about him. Our children’s children will know who he was, but eventually he will no longer be so well-known, until his story will become a footnote in some history book. That’s what happens with people.

However, it’s different when God is involved. Then the story never ends. There is no end, because, 19So spacious is he, so roomy, that everything of God finds its proper place in him without crowding.

Jesus was not an ordinary human being. God was in Jesus, with Jesus. Jesus was God.

When people come to me saying they don’t believe in Jesus, I have one question for them: “What is the date?” normally, they mention the day, maybe the month too. Then I ask them what year it is. When they’ve answered, I ask them what it refers to. Usually, they get this vague look on their faces. “Huh, what do you mean?”

The year refers to the number of years after Christ’s birth. This has remained so through the ages, and every time that someone on earth refers to the date, they actually tell the story of Jesus Christ. No government, no global leader, no war, not even time, can eradicate this. Without really knowing it, people are witnessing about the existence of Jesus every time they mention the date.

Only God could do something like that. Because God and Jesus are one and not an ordinary human being, He will be mentioned by mankind for all eternity.

What does this mean to me? I serve an awesome God. A God who is not afraid of going all out when He does something. The things He does cannot even be eradicated by time. His actions have an impact in the world and in people’s lives that will remain for all eternity. He is an almighty God and nobody can withstand his power.

But more than this, when I invite God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (who is also God) into my life, I get the chance to survive. Then I can live in the light and see where the traps are. We have the inside track. Not an inside track where no hardship will ever touch us. Nope, remember we’re part of the sinful world with all its suffering and hurt. The inside track that we have is the help that the Holy Spirit gives us to navigate around all that pain and suffering.

We must repeat this to one another often: Our God has all the power in the world. Indeed, He created the world. He and Jesus were together on earth and when Jesus’ work was done, He left Jesus’ Spirit for us. Those of us who believe in Him has a divine Spirit inside us. Yes, there is an almighty Spirit inside us.

Obviously, you and I would benefit so much from giving Him more space in our lives. Try it and see the world around you changing.


Colossians 1:15-20


How big is Jesus’ power?

How big is Jesus’ power in you?

Do others experience it?


Jesus, thank you that You are God. Thank you that You are more than an ordinary human being and that You were prepared to come to earth. You are more than the biggest there is. You possess all the power in the world. All glory and honour to You. Amen.

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