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Jesus broke down the wall

It’s not easy for Paul to write the letter to the Galatians. Paul was the first apostle to bring the gospel to their country, but then they turned their backs on him by deciding to follow another gospel. This broke Paul’s heart.

The men who brought the other gospel to them slandered Paul by saying that he was not an anointed of God and that he had made up his own stories. The Galatians believed this and put aside Paul and the Gospel proclaimed by him. That is why Paul right at the start of his letter evened the playing field by stating straight out for whom he was batting: 11, Paul, and my companions in faith here, send greetings to the Galatian churches. 2My authority for writing to you does not come from any popular vote of the people, nor does it come through the appointment of some human higher-up. It comes directly from Jesus the Messiah and God the Father, who raised him from the dead.

Therefore, Galatian people, listen to these words by Paul. If you want to know what road to take, listen to Paul’s words, because he is not simply talking in the wind.

You and I are also invited to listen to what he says. It’s as if Jesus himself is talking to us. Yes, by using a person to speak, but the words inspired by God.

And see how beautifully he summarises the whole Bible, the crux of the message, in one sentence! Make this verse part of your life. That is all you need! Yes, just this one verse: 4We know the meaning of those words because Jesus Christ rescued us from this evil world we’re in by offering himself as a sacrifice for our sins. 

I wonder how it must feel to live right next to paradise, to hear the noise of people having fun, but to experience no joy or peace. That is the impassable wall. Everyone living next to the wall knows that true life is on the other side, but the wall prevents them from getting there.

A heap of bodies lies next to the wall – people who have tried to get over the wall, but who’ve fallen to their death. The wall was too high, too smooth and too deathly. Everybody longed for the better life on the other side of the wall. Everybody was tired of living in the mud.

Then the miracle happened. Suddenly a man appeared and his death broke a hole in the wall. That man was Jesus, the Son of God. Suddenly paradise, the joy and peace were available to all. All man had to do was to crawl through the hole in the broken wall.

Many people couldn’t wait to get through the wall. But something strange happened. A great big crowd decided to stay on the mud side. They turned their eye away and closed their ears and minds and denied the existence of God’s world on the other side of the wall.

Did Jesus die for nothing?

Still people walk through life in blinkers, not seeing God’s new world. Still people walk past the opening in the wall, not knowing what they are missing. Still people choose to burn in the fires of hell. Still people do not fall down on their knees to talk to the almighty God and still don’t see the opening in the wall.

We cannot allow it! You, who have experienced life with God cannot allow your neighbour, your friend, your colleague to miss the opening. Let’s live life like Paul and pull out all the stops to get the real Gospel to people. Live a life that will make others see what they are missing. Get up from your backstreet life and life the life of a saved child of God who has pushed through the opening in the wall. Go live an inviting life enticing people through the opening in the wall.

Galatians 1:1-5


On what side of the wall do you live?

Who do you know still living on the other side?

How do you have to live so that you can attract them to the right side?



Father, thank you for the simple message. Thank you for the good plan to die a hole in the high wall and that salvation is possible for each of us sinful people. Thank you that I could crawl through the hole. Please help me to live a life that will show and help others to get through the wall to your salvation. Amen

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