God's word in today's world

It breaks my heart

I have a friend who studied with me for six years. Theology. A pleasant person and interested in everyone. But he is no longer in the church; he no longer even believes.

It breaks my heart.

I can’t really think about what will happen to him if he has to leave the earth. Where could it have gone so wrong? Where did he decide to draw a line under his training and instead step off the right path with the rest of the world?

Another friend of mine was at a large congregation. He brought about a lot of renewal and helped to get the church on track. He later received a vocation to be the shepherd of a congregation abroad.

Today he is no longer in the church either. He must have been hurt badly in the church. He cut off all contact, even with me, and I wonder what the future holds for my friend.

It breaks my heart.

I wonder what happened to the people who tried and found Jesus guilty? I wonder what happened to the soldiers who whipped Jesus? I wonder what happened to the men who nailed Jesus to the cross?

Many people did not recognize or acknowledge Jesus as the Saviour. They must’ve expected something different. A great king on a white horse. A hero who would drive away all their enemies and create a comfortable life for everyone.

8 For the untrusting it’s … a stone to trip over, a boulder blocking the way. They trip and fall because they refuse to obey, just as predicted.

It breaks my heart.

Yes, some people do not want to recognize Jesus as the Saviour. I suspect that life is just too good. Often, it’s money that stops people from turning to Jesus. Often, it’s their mind that gets in the way.

In the darkness of the world, people end up falling over the stone. It is against the rock that they are crushed – just because they didn’t allow Jesus’ light to shine upon them.

It breaks my heart.

God’s heart too. I know this, because His plan was for Jesus to die for the whole world so that their sin would no longer be held against them. Jesus did this, but many people do not recognize Jesus as the cornerstone of God’s new house.

That’s why I realise more and more what a huge responsibility I have as a living stone in God’s house being built in next to the living Cornerstone. I have to go and show the world. I have to live in such a way that people can see Jesus and also see what they are missing. May people see what Jesus means to me and also desire to become His friend.

1 Peter 2:1-8

What do the lost souls do to you?
What can you do for them?
How can they see Jesus’ hands through you?

Father, it hurts me so much to see people reject You. Help me to live in such a way that they will see the Light in me. Amen.

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