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Invest in the heavenly bank

There’s this joke about a very rich man who was obsessed with his wealth and couldn’t accept that one day he would have to leave everything behind. He prayed every day and asked for a special exception to be made for him. The rich man never stopped whining, begging and pleading, so that eventually a special exception was made for him.

So, the man arrived at the heavenly gates, dripping with sweat from dragging the suitcase with the gold bars in it. Immediately Peter said to him that he must’ve known that no one may and can take anything into heaven. The rich man insisted that a special exception had been made for him.

Peter went to find out and was extremely surprised to hear that an exception had been made. But before he allowed the man to enter, he asked the rich man if he could see what was in the suitcase.

When Peter saw what was in the suitcase, his face was filled with question marks: “I don’t understand why you went to all this trouble just to bring a few pavers for the streets …”

We know a shroud has no pockets. We know we can take nothing with us to our eternal home, but still we put so much store in earthly wealth. Money is the thing all of us think about the most every day. If I could only have a little bit more to buy this or that thing. If you ask people in our town: “How much is enough?” the answer is quick: “More!”

Money can sometimes make life a bit easier, but it has absolutely nothing to do with real peace and joy. On the contrary, the relationships of so many wealthy people break up, they are unhappy, and when they go to bed, they are so alone.

We must live our life in such a way that we save our money in the heavenly bank. That’s the only place where you can find real wealth. 6A devout life does bring wealth, but it’s the rich simplicity of being yourself before God. 7Since we entered the world penniless and will leave it penniless …

Our real wealth starts when we realise how unbelievably blessed we are to be called children of God. We are so rich in grace. Endless grace flows over us. Yes, things may not be that easy every day and we have to do those sums over and over again to reach the end of the month, but that has nothing to do with how rich we are.

God made a plan that his Son stood in for us and was punished for our sin. No money in the world can buy you a place in heaven. What you and I received is worth more than all the riches in the world.

You are rich. Stinking rich. Go and live it and show it to the people who are so caught up in the world and who are looking for wealth in the wrong place. Show them where to find the riches that bring real peace and real joy.

1 Timothy 6:6-10

Where is your wealth?
Are you alone?
Do you use God’s grace enough?

Jesus, You said our hearts will be where our treasure is. Please help me attach true value to the spiritual treasures that You give freely, so that I do not become caught up in a desire for earthly treasures. Amen.

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