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Hope gets us there

I was already an entrepreneur when I was still at school. Not that I knew that was what it was called. As a widow my Mom worked hard to put food on the table, but I had to work for my own pocket money. And I wasn’t afraid of work.

One day we got a project to do. The project was actually too big for the three of us, but we weren’t afraid to take it on. We had to level the surface of a new erf and plant grass. The erf was very big and the whole area was a mess and filled with rubble. But the money was good, much more than we had ever earned before at that stage.

With each wheelbarrow of rubble that we pushed up the hill, we thought about that big amount of money. Every time we straightened up after another spade filled with building rubble and couldn’t stand upright, a picture of that money slipped past our eyes. As we carried another sod all the way from the top and our legs were close to collapsing, we could touch and smell that new bike right there.

Good times! Times that shaped you and taught you many life lessons. Like learning exactly what hope is all about. Hope is about that promise that you will get a prize when the project is completed.

This is a poor example, lacking in many respects, because if I apply it to our spiritual hope, it doesn’t mean that we have to work to get to heaven one day. It’s free for those of us who believe in Jesus; we don’t have to lift a finger to earn it.

But that experience did teach me something about hope. We really need hope. We need hope to get us through the hard times. When I’m struggling so much, hope helps me lift my eyes so that I can focus on what is still ahead for every child of God.

It doesn’t help me to only concentrate on the hardship I’m experiencing at the moment, because if I focus only on my circumstances, it will just hold me back even more. I will get more and more dejected until I will have no hope left.

You see, this life can’t actually give us hope to get through the hard times. This hope is temporary, can explode in our faces at any time, and cannot be trusted. It’s a fake hope.

Jesus is our real hope. He came to earth to build the way to God for us. He set us free and broke down the boundaries between humans and God. Now we can have an open relationship with God. We are part of God’s house and here we have to hold onto the hope with everything we have. We must hold onto God’s promises with everything in us and know that He will make it come true for each of us.

Like we hung onto the promise of payment on completion of the project as young boys, and it kept us motivated to keep going, I must keep focusing on what Jesus had done for us. When we’re struggling, we must focus on that. It will get us through life and we will see the sun come shining through the dark clouds.

6Now, if we can only keep a firm grip on this bold confidence, we’re the house!

Hebrews 3:1-6

What steals your hope?
Where is your hope?
How can you start hoping again?

Father, I realise I must lift up my head and look away from the hard times around me. I know I can trust in you more. Yes, Lord, You built the house. Jesus, You are the Son of the house and You will always save me, the servant. Amen.


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