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Hold on in hard times

A while ago, a friend of mine asked me to pray with him for wisdom. The work they do is very hard to find and they needed to land a big contract to survive.

He asked for wisdom, so that they could enter the correct figure in each block of the tender. They calculated everything to the last cent, and contacted their supplier and contractors again to get even better prices.

They were so excited when the tenders were announced, because they were the least expensive and since everybody was invited to tender, chances were good that the tender would be awarded to them. We prayed even harder.

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from him. They didn’t get the tender!

So, what do you say now? What do you do? What do you believe?

This week I received another prayer request to pray for a doctor who was raped during working hours in the hospital.

I received a prayer request from a woman who begged us to pray for a job for her husband who was unemployed. That morning she had used her last money for fuel to get to work.

People are suffering in the world. Maybe you are suffering too. How do you make it? Do you pray unceasingly to God to save you from this distressing situation?

Or maybe friends ask you what they should do in times of suffering? Do you have an answer for them?

Without ignoring the hardship, or pretending it’s not there, without using plasters which are too small to cover the hurt, Paul gives us good advice. He suggests that we cling to the one firm rock with everything we have inside us, with everything that is still left after hardship upon hardship: 8Fix this picture firmly in your mind: Jesus, descended from the line of David, raised from the dead.

This is the only thing you can do when you are suffering. This is the only advice I have for people caught up in suffering: Believe in Jesus. He was dead, but He overcame death, because his Father, God, backed him. That is all you need to hold onto. And that is enough.

Remember, God loved you so much that He was prepared to sacrifice his Son Jesus, to have Him killed, to have Him go down into the valley of the shadow of death – for you. God did that. He has already shown us His love, made His love visible for us, through that amazing act of salvation when Jesus died on a wooden cross. How hurt, how broken, how humiliated, how alone Jesus and, yes, God as well, must have been. For you!

God is on your side. Know that for sure. Know and trust and say out loud that the almighty God, who made his Son rise from the dead, is on your side. How big is your problem? It wouldn’t take more energy from God than when He brought Jesus from the dead, would it? This another promise: the One that will help you overcome the hardship is absolutely able to do so! He is not only driven by a lot of love, but also has all the power to do so.

I’m grateful to know that I’m playing in the winning side!

2 Tim 2:8-13

Where are you suffering?
Do you believe God can help you with it?
Tell Him and give it to Him!

Lord, You know my suffering. You know there are days when I cannot go on. Please hold my hand when I hold onto You, so that I won’t fall. Amen.

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